And Your Little Dog Too

I’m not saying the guy is a public nuisance but he’s down there in the creek bed bold as brass strolling around in flip flops. The black plastic pipe is buried underneath the dirt he’s walking on.

Behold: “The Poodle”. Creek invasion. Caught in the act.  7:45 pm

On March 12, 2012 I took the following picture from the same vantage point looking sideways from my property behind the shed  before the greenery came out. You can see that same white house on top of the far bank and the red strips where the creek workers had just started putting up survey markers for straightening out the course of the stream. It might look just a bit unlovely in this photo but when the banks were green and the water was clear and high and the sun was dappled by the young green leaves – on, my.

They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum and that I guess is the price of progress.

19 thoughts on “And Your Little Dog Too”

    1. I agree–it is a Bichon & I have one who looks just like that dog staring at me now. If that Bichon has a personality like Enzo, he decided to walk his owner through the construction, not the other way around!!

  1. Why won’t he just let that handle-less ragmop shit in a box while he helps his arteries clog up and degenerate sitting on his frigging sofa like he’s supposed to?

    1. As soon as he went home, HIS WIFE came out with the dog to do her stroll through. She only tested the doability of the ramp, though, and turned around. BTW, she was carrying the dog because the thing was worn out from it’s first march around the creek bed.

  2. Wow. I had no idea from your porch shots that it was that large a project. That is a definite nightmare from a DEP permitting standpoint. The good news is, once they finish it and leave it alone it will revegetate and get green again fairly soon.

    1. I didn’t do a good job of marking the day to day changes because I was focused on taking a picture of my shed every day in case it went over the side. I can’t stay out today to keep my eye on them because they are using a big bucket machine to dump rocks into the wire boxes and I already can’t stand the noise after 30 minutes.

  3. I can see what they’re doing, but the incomplete gabions gets my attention. In my opinion, if you start one, you fill it as soon as possible and close the lid. Those open lids, an unexpected storm, and you find a twisted mess when the debris does its work on the flimsy wire of the gabion basket.

    One other thing: I hope they’re not stacking them much higher. If so, it looks like they leaned them too much towards the slope and the baskets will be unstable when they reach a few levels high.

    I know, but I’ve dealt with so many sidewalk superintendents, it’s my turn to be a critical observer without a dog in the hunt.

  4. Wow….where to start, my mind is reeling!

    I think it’s interesting that we’re getting down to semantics about the dog type. But I know nothing about dogs.

    Next, I think that here in Los Angeles they’re trying to do the exact opposite and take those wire cagey rock blocks out of the river because it’s bad for the environment.

    Also, when I lived in Oregon, I remember a big whoop~di~do about putting those things along the Columbia for stabilization.


    Yeah….I’m rambling. I guess I could have just distilled my thoughts down to: WTF? Wish they hadn’t destroyed all the trees!

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