Working title: “But How Do You Really Feel?”

Scene: a quiet den/ convalescent room

The players: A big fan of LBJ the man and a foreign-born American citizen with a natural inclination towards conservatism who came to this country after LBJ was out of office.

2 opinions

Scene I

A rainstorm rages outside. The TV plays the Netfilx recording of 2-part American Experience documentary on LBJ

She: Wasn’t he something?

He: (derisively) huh.

She: No really. He operated from his convictions.

He: (admiringly) Yeah. He really did.

He: But his convictions were fucked up.

– end scene –


3 thoughts on “Working title: “But How Do You Really Feel?”

  1. Sounds like Sami doesn’t share your views of LBJ. And I’m proud of him giving the site manager a piece of his mind. He must be getting better.

  2. LBJ was as corrupt a straight-forward guy as they come.

    I remember seeing an interview with David Brinkley right before he died and he was fondly reminiscing about being a cub reporter in the early 50s in Texas and he told what he thought was just the gosh-darndest cutest story about his icon LBJ: he was out with LBJ one night and they went to a graveyard and LBJ was walking around writing down names. Brinkley asked him what he was doing, to which LBJ replied “These folks have just as much right to vote as anyone else.”

    Ah the Press, Defenders of our Institutions.

  3. LBJ. Hate his positions, love his political skills.

    We are actually fortunate that the current Wuzzup!-in-Chief is a political imbecile when it comes to Congress. If he had 1/10th of LBJ’s savvy, by now we’d all be looking and dressing like those people in the 1984 Macintosh commercial.

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