Soup Chat. Any Chat Except Disaster Chat.

I’ve caught a few glances of TV ads for something quite intriguing: Progresso Light Chicken Pot Pie  Soup 100 Calories Per Serving. So many words that don’t belong together in that sentence. Historically, I’ve been Team Campbell’s all the way but I do like a good pot pie. However, I am afraid that this will be nothing but some anemic chicken chunks floating around in a milk-like liquid. People who are attracted to chicken pot pies are not necessarily interested in 100-calorie serving sizes.  They’ve also got a Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese Soup 100 Calories Per Serving. Now you tell me.

[Okay. A little disaster chat. But it’s new disaster chat, meaning the new nor’easter disaster, not the old hurricane disaster or the older creek running through my basement disaster, or the older yet bullet in the wall of my childhood home. I suppose I didn’t mention that last one to you before. Sorry – it got pushed down the list as each new disaster burst onto the scene.]

Hurricane/Nor’easter update:  Day 12 without electricity. Fortunately, the area where my son lives went back on the grid. Here’s a joke:  so we relocated there just in time for a nor’easter to knock a tree down on top of my car. Here’s the punch line: all tree services are still busy with hurricane cleanup.  It’s 3 week wait.

If I had an orange car, you’d be able to spot it here more quickly.

UPDATE: the Homeowner’s Assn landscaping crew came around and freed my car from its bancheous prison. Don’t feel sorry for me – feel sorry for the tree. That thing was a double flowering crab apple and it was magnificent.

This Is Why I Can’t Be The Soup Lady Anymore

In today’s comment notifications:

A new comment from “singu” was received on the post “Fresh Green Pea Soup” of the weblog “The Joy of Soup”.

Worst layout ever for a recipe.

To which I replied via email:

Fuck you.

No Soup For You

I can’t begin to tell you how bad I feel about my abandonment of The Soup.

It’s soup season now – who needs a calendar to know that? I can tell that things are heating up by the number of hits, the volume of comments in my mailbox and the requests for guidance about ingredients. I love soup, I still eat soup as often as I can, I’m making soup, but I cant’ write about it yet.

The Soup Lady has to be funny and my dear readers, I’ve had a hell of a year where the funny was beaten right out of me. It’s not back yet. Without funny, the Soup Lady comes off as mean and that would never do.

I made the Ham and Tomato last week.
Make some.
Discuss among yourselves.