This Is Why I Can’t Be The Soup Lady Anymore

In today’s comment notifications:

A new comment from “singu” was received on the post “Fresh Green Pea Soup” of the weblog “The Joy of Soup”.

Worst layout ever for a recipe.

To which I replied via email:

Fuck you.

6 thoughts on “This Is Why I Can’t Be The Soup Lady Anymore”

  1. Oh dear,
    I think that instead of looking at this as a personal affront you should instead see it for what it is. What it is was defined by the Medieval barber, Theordoric of York when he said, “Your problem is an imbalance of the humours caused by a troll sitting outside your house.”
    There’s **A-lot** of that going around right now and at my day job as Don Draper in the 24th-and-a-Half Century it’s really makin’ the rounds.

  2. I never understood what compels a person to enter into another’s blogspace simply to make a rude comment. Maybe that’s because I’m not a jyerrrrrkoff.

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