Suffering In Calmness, Except For That Piece of Chicken

I had the most enchanting encounter with a telemarketer just now. There’s been an increase in telemarketing calls to my home lately. This morning in particular, my phone has been ringing all morning with calls from Indian call centers.I work from home so I always interrupt these things with a stern This is my business…

Fond Memories

I was raised on Morton’s salt from a cardboard cylinder and McCormick’s black pepper from a red and white can. Occasionally, some garlic salt or dehydrated parsley flakes would show up. My first foray into the world of actual food seasoning as an dependent almost-adult was Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt. I can’t remember how…

Winner Winner Mom’s A Sinner

Without a doubt, the big winner of the 2016 Democratic National convention is the person who painted a new face onto Chelsea. It has become clear why CC’s personal wealth recently skyrocketed (somehow)  to $15 million. That much face paint don’t come cheap.