No Soup For You

I can’t begin to tell you how bad I feel about my abandonment of The Soup.

It’s soup season now – who needs a calendar to know that? I can tell that things are heating up by the number of hits, the volume of comments in my mailbox and the requests for guidance about ingredients. I love soup, I still eat soup as often as I can, I’m making soup, but I cant’ write about it yet.

The Soup Lady has to be funny and my dear readers, I’ve had a hell of a year where the funny was beaten right out of me. It’s not back yet. Without funny, the Soup Lady comes off as mean and that would never do.

I made the Ham and Tomato last week.
Make some.
Discuss among yourselves.

7 thoughts on “No Soup For You”

  1. Dear Soup Person:
    This is to advise you that my client, Soups ‘r Us has registered the trademark “Ham and Tomato,” and has invested a gazillion dollars developing good will relating to same. Your use of the term “Ham and Tomato” infringes my client’s intellectual property rights.
    You must cease and desist from any further use of the trademark “Ham and Tomato.” Your failure to do so could result in legal proceedings in which my client will seek compensatory and punitive damaages.
    We’re not kidding.
    No shit.
    Very truly yours,
    Horseshit & Splinters LLC
    Suzette says: “Oh Yeah – I remember now. Buzzkill.”

  2. I continue to make the pumpkin soup, but every time I seem to use different cheeses. I actually finished off my last batch of it last night.
    Man, I love pumpkin soup.

  3. yep, it’s almost soup season here at Stately Sad Old Goth Manor, I have some new recipes to try out and a few ideas of my own, I’ll send them your way.

  4. Great soup recipes over at your other blog. Good stuff here too. Why don’t you just put a link up over at the soup blog to this blog? We’ll find your great recipes anyway no matter what.
    “Ham and Tomato” soup in the same sentence “infringes my client’s intellectual property rights.” That is a joke, yes????????

  5. Oh dear. I saw a link for Medicine Soup on your soup site. Link is dead. And an internet search comes up with nada. Did you by any chance keep the recipe? I love cilantro, and combining it with garlic, lime, and ginger sounds heavenly.

    Also loved your Christmas soup. I am Carpatho-Rus and our Christmas traditions are similar but did not include mushroom soup. I’ll have to try it.

    Very sorry Soup Lady is no more.

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