Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for a reliable car with heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Please help me to find the right exit for the Henry Hudson Parkway so I don’t have to tour. The Upper West Side in the dark again. Amen.

Hospital! Day 4

And so Sami has pneumonia, and also coronavirus. Where did that come from? Perhaps it attached itself to a Rubic’s Cube belt and rode in from SPAIN. Plus he’s so loaded up with morphine, Percoset and Valium that they can’t get him out of the bed. Whenever they get him sitting at the edge of…


I’ve had a window open for several days with a Time magazine retrospective of First Lady Fashion. It’s pretty grim and unamusing except for two things: #1 You have to be a fan of orchid corsages to appreciate this point. I am and I wish I had the nerve to drape a branch full of…


A Planter In The Sun

I can almost smell the springtime (through the snow cover) and that means it’s time to trawl the internet for chicken planters. Let me prepare you by saying that the internet is a weird and wonderful place. Here is a chicken planter with the head of a young Liz Taylor. They can call her “Olivia”…