Think Of The Birds

Some birds were listening when the crazed sex poodle had the spotlight and used it to spread misinformation about the weather. Fooled into thinking the warm temperatures in November and December were climate instead of weather, some stuck around instead of flying south with the rest of them. The birds are stuck here now and…



Had an early start. Had a browbeating. Had an early stop. Had a haircut. Had a Gin & Dubonnet size XXL Had 2 Tastycakes Did crash asleep under a big fluffy down comforter. Does appreciate love all the remaining readers and commenters here. honk shoo bebebebebebebe honk shoo bebebebebebebe honk shoo bebebebebebebe

Good Day For Soup

I read earlier in the week that there’s a possibility of snow showers today. I haven’t checked recently so I don’t know if that still holds but that possibly-outdated prediction was good enough for me. It’s time for soup. For a while now I’ve been thinking that it would be good to make my go-to…