Wait … What?

Okay. It might be because I’m not getting enough sleep or it might be that stress is taking its toll on me, but  even in my compromised state, I’m pretty sure I saw the Concorde coming in for a landing at Newark Liberty yesterday. Which I guess is better than seeing that damn seagull again.

I Am A Ticking Time Bomb

11 pm I’m  sitting in the front seat of a car service car next to the worlds biggest pine tree air freshener because an unnamed relative parked my car on the street on Riverside Drive instead of putting it in a garage and then it got towed and I can’t get it out of impound…

Disturbing Things

1. The Hudson River view we have from Sami’s hospital room is both beautiful and disturbing. The current heads north or south depending on what time of day it is. Turns out that the river is just that – a river- up north but down here, it’s a tidal estuary. Which explains everything. Still disturbing…


Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for a reliable car with heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Please help me to find the right exit for the Henry Hudson Parkway so I don’t have to tour. The Upper West Side in the dark again. Amen.