Winner Winner Mom’s A Sinner

Without a doubt, the big winner of the 2016 Democratic National convention is the person who painted a new face onto Chelsea. It has become clear why CC’s personal wealth recently skyrocketed (somehow)  to $15 million. That much face paint don’t come cheap.

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Publicly Supported Theater, Episode 4: American Princess

Cast & Credits: starring Hillary! Clinton as herself, Debbie Wasserman Schlitz as The Ghost of Flat Irons Past  and extra special guest star  Poor Chelsea as Yesterday’s News Adapted from the original screenplay by ABC News  in which Ivanka Trump displays  Ivanka Trump’s address at the Republican National Convention Thursday was supposed to fire up Republicans,…



[Preface:  I have a thing against popular bloggers giving advice or swaying reader opinion when they themselves are have mental disorders and deficiencies. It’s not reasonable to use your public platform in this manner. People, generally those not fully formed who merely enjoy your writing come to think of you as a role model and are…


Publicly Supported Theater, Episode 3: What Difference Does It Make?

Cast & Credits: starring Hillary! Clinton as An Innocent Meemah  and special guest star  Lowrenta Lynch as herself Adapted from the original screenplay by Newsmax  in which Hillary! mulls over the proper positioning for the dedicated law-upholder, Attorney General Lynch. Attorney General, Supreme Court Jurist – what does it even matter?  the recent controversy over the revelation of a secret meeting…