Bird Is The Word.

UPDATED: Look at this guy making himself at home in my backyard now. He’s got nerve a’plenty. The only thing left for him now has got to be knocking on my sliding door and asking if he can use my phone.



Apparently, I’ve got my own hawk. The next door neighbor told me he hangs around in back of our fences and here he is. I took some pics from inside the house hoping not to scare him away but within a minute I slid open the door, stepped outside and slowly advanced towards him, one photo at a time and he never moved except to swivel his head around. Then I gave a test cough to see if he’d be alarmed and take off, but he wasn’t and he didn’t.

That’s a 6 foot tall fence or to put it another way, the fence is about 4 hawks high.

So he must think of my fence as his territory and he’s not afraid of people. Two things:

  1. I think I’ll wear a hat outside until I am safely enclosed by a pool cage. Maybe a helmet.
  2. I wonder if he’s strong enough to carry away an adult male corgi?

Also, I saw what I assume was a baby heron strolling around the parking lot of World Market earlier today but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture. It looked to be a perfectly formed heron but was only ~18″ tall. This is pretty good. In NJ, only pigeons and seagulls strolled through the parking lots.

Update: I’m enjoying this photo of the setting sun shining on the pine trees that I took about an hour after the hawk picture. I didn’t enjoy it in person because I was pushing/dragging a lawn mover and a generator from the garage to the shed. I like the part where I’m down here alone and no one tells me what to do (or tries to tell me ha ha as if) but I do not like the part where I have to do my own lifting, carrying and pushing.



Also, this wacky grass around here. We have that sideways crab-grassy stuff called St. Augustine Grass in the front but in the back, its mixed grasses. Whatever they are, they form a kind of surface mat on top. That stuff is about 6″ high now and I was worried I’d find the snake that the hawk was looking for.

So I’m pretending the coloring here is autumn leaves in NJ* and then I’m putting on flip flops and cutting the sleeves off of my old jerseys so I can be more comfortable tomorrow when I move the giant air compressor around.


*where by the way, a light dusting of snow fell this morning.

Neither snow nor heat shall deter this corgi from his appointed rounds.