Wednesday Evening April 17

We had cocktails under the gazebo this evening. The vinyl roll up blinds did their job of protecting our privacy when The Poodle came around with his little white dog and stood motionless on the opposite bank of  “the creek” and stared in our direction. I squeezed a peek through the slats and congratulated myself on the brilliant idea of the roll up blinds.

We didn’t really have an orchestrated plan for dinner so we heaved out some frozen protein triangles and some frozen carb plugs and made individually customized salads.


dueling salad dressings

Also check this out:


muy bueno

We do still have a bit of a Sanford & Son vibe going on out on the deck but that shouldn’t stop me from bragging about how nice the old bench came out. That’s four coats of paint on 26 year old boards that have spent every day and night of those years outside.

So, a satisfyingly nice evening outdoors. And I didn’t have to cook OR clean up. I know it’s not really the season yet but my boss told me she hasn’t seen the ground yet in Minneapolis and currently has 5″ of the white stuff in her yard right now, so I consider myself lucky lucky lucky to have had this evening.


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening April 17

  1. Looking at that spread…

    While the sustenance is adequate, the context compared to what we’re doing in south Louisiana with crawfish this time of year is woefully inadequate. Boil some. Invite everyone ye know. You won’t be able to conceal it with the gazebo, but the folks who can see what you’re up to probably won’t realize why they should be jealous. (If any are from my neck of the swamp, they’ll show up and act like they were invited.)

  2. Are the frozen carb plugs what I think they are? Tater Tots? Mmmm. Haven’t had those in eons.

    (Or have I sunk too low on your food chain?)

  3. Our menu was Purdue Chicken Breast Cutlets, supermarket-brand tater tots and salad. And booze. Which explains the first two choices.

  4. Here in MN, the ground was visible for one brief 24-hr period. The tulips had been pushing up under the snow! However, at 6AM CST, I had the misfortune to witness a fat bunny rabbit hopping away from the vicinity…

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