Not For Nothing

Sami took a very early morning flight from Jacksonville back to New Jersey on Thursday morning. He called me while he was on the plane waiting to take off  to say that the TSA was surprisingly rigorous at the checkpoint, reminiscent of the security practices following 9/11. Everyone had to take their shoes off – a practice that has been abandoned for quite a while – and pulling fully half the travelers aside for pat-downs at the extra stations they had set up. This was about 5:30 am and the checkpoint lines were already backed up due to this activity.

This was unexpected and certainly not anywhere near not the case when Sami flew in on 12/22. There are only so many airports of decent size in Florida. Could it be that there was some serious indication that there would be a terrorism  incident at a Florida airport this week and security was beefed up in anticipation?

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting – “Terrorism Not Ruled Out”…

It’s Still a THEM vs US World

1st – congratulations President Trump. No matter what else happens in the next four years, a grateful nation must thank him for exposing media bias and their stunning lack of integrity . That alone is worth the price of admission.

2nd – Bye Felicia The most likely scenario is that we will never be bothered by her again. In fact, we may not even see her again. Until her indictment. Let’s ask a pollster!

3rd – The drama on the left is hard for reasonable people to comprehend. Nevermind the self-obsessed characters hamming it up on YouTube and Twitter videos making suicide threats, etc to express their dismay. Even Hillary voters who are otherwise level headed and mature are carrying on in an overly histrionic manner. Here for instance is a popular professional  mommy blogger who is a mature woman and responsible for three young children.


ffs-2FFS, woman. Grow up. Bad enough you indulge yourself by laying in a fetal position staring at a spot on the floor – again I say FFS- but what kind of parent involves children ages 5 through 10 in conversations that result in them screaming about a president-elect and fantasizing about someone  shouting from a car to the extent that the kids became afraid to walk to the bus stop? Does that seem like a normal household to you?  No wonder the kids are so fragile if she acts in a manner consistent with mental illness.

4th – At the other end of the spectrum, here is a more reasonable view of the election results, found on that bastion of reason, Facebook of all places:

voice of reason.JPG

So, message to all the troublemakers, depressives, suicides and Canada-bound malcontents on the left: the problem is you. Grow up.

The HitchBOT Conspiracy

You know, I am not entirely on board with the story about the demise of the HitchBOT.

Friendly hitchhiking robot is found DECAPITATED in Philadelphia just 300 miles into its attempt to cross the country

HitchBOT before and after
Terrible Americans unsatisfied with killing traffic offenders, African lions and unborn babies now murdering friendly robots.
I don’t live in Philadelphia and I’m no expert on Philadelphia but I know enough to confidently say that a Philadelphian who had designs on a friendly robot would either pawn it, hold it for ransom or absorb into a performance art troupe.

Apparently HitchBOT has made its way across Canada and Europe without incident and also without notice from the US press. And suddenly at a mid-point between NY and Washington (a location guaranteed to generate press attention,for the press is centered on itself and thus on events in these two cities primarily) the friendly robot was damaged in such a way as to make international headlines that call attention to the heretofore ignored project.

The location of the robot’s demise sent up a red flag for me and my suspicions were strengthened when I saw this video done by one of the robot’s creators She dispassionately makes the call that the robot is irreparable based on a photo. So I believe that the event was planned, the ending pre-determined and the end-goal of raising (or really, establishing) awareness of the robot-creation group has been accomplished.

I call bullshit. so far, I am the only conspirator that I know of on this matter but every conspiracy theory must start with a single step and I am willing to do that.

And that surveillance cam footage of a baggy pantsed young gentleman wearing a ball cap as he kicked (off camera) the friendly robot … He was seen throwing down what could be robot arms onto the middle of the sidewalk and then walking away after the kicking leaving the appendages unmoved. Very different that the death photo where the arms are near the rest of the carcass. I am unconvinced.

Also, I would like to state that the robot is your run of the mill robot, 60s TV series-style, but it’s the wardrobe that made it seem friendly.

UPDATE: check out the tag in this this snip from a tumblr post showing HitchBOT’s death photo for your basic Philly attitude.

freindly robot
Gotta love these people.

Big Dentist Hunt


  • Is it possible that Our Betters didn’t know that hunting safaris were a thing?
  • Did they not know that once guns, arrows and spears were the only things that were shot on these trips before the shooting was done by camera?
  • Have they never heard the term “big game hunter” or wondered exactly what that meant?
  • Do they not know that big game hunts are approved by several African countries that sell licenses to hunt the same way American states sell licenses to hunt bear, deer and ducks? In fact, your president might at this very moment be taking aim at a Kenyan teddy bear tied to a tree.

It is amazing to me that people on the internet seem to think that a tourist from the Midwest got the idea all on his own to pack up his bow and arrow and fly to Zimbabwe on the off chance that he would come across a lion to shoot and skin. If people have a philosophical argument about hunting in general, that’s fine but to act like this particular situation is new, unique and utterly heinous is jaw-dropping to me.

But the justice mob has taken to doing what they do best – damaging a single person‘s reputation by assigning their own definition of evil and ruining his livelihood to say nothing of his reputation and peace of mind. If fault lies anywhere, its not with the actual hunter who contracted with what he thought as a reputable and above board the tourist organization, but with that organization itself that failed to get the proper documentation and then resorted to luring the animal out of a safe, no-hunting space to create an easy target.In fact, the hunter seems to be a celebrity big game hunter with lots of experience with trips of this kind so it is beyond imagination that he would knowingly engage with illegal hunting arrangements.

But no. “Activitsts” like these pictured below have descended upon the dentist’s home and piled up Beanie Baby lions, Vermont Teddy Bears and a stuffed chimp or two in front of this home’s entrance. I guess that’s supposed to be a kinder gentler equivalent of the original mob’s practice of sending a dead fish to a target of retribution. Other activities as yet unexplained seem to be dramatic recreations of a lion hunt writ in Super Soaker water guns and oversized silicon sink strainers used as pith helmets.

sink strainers
… instead of earning a living for themselves, establishing a family or looking out for their fellow man in a positive way. Alas, indolence is rewarded by the elites in this New Normal we all live in and these two will  soon likely open their own web-based consulting business advising others on how to attract media attention while bullying an agreed-upon target.

Another thing to consider: is it possible that the White house has yet again ginned up a story for blanket coverage by the mass media as a smoke screen to hide whatever monkey business they are up to now? Last night, I heard Andy Cohen denounce the dentist in his charmingly named Jackhole Of the Day segment. Red flag! AC is wholly up the butt of Obama as is the third Musketeer in that chummy little group, SJP. I question the timing!

UPDATE: A lion is dead and yet Mia Farrow is allowed to roam the earth.Mia Farrow Tweets Lion Dentist’s Address