Are You There, God? It’s Me, Meemaw.

Are you there, God? It’s Me, Meemaw. We’re moving today – moving closer to the announcement for 2016. I’m so scared, God. I’ve announced before but suppose everybody hates me now because they’re not allowed to hate Barry. Please help me. Don’t let the electorate hate me.

But at least I have little Charlotte by my side now.  Things just didn’t work with Chelsea. I could get her all the high profile internships and all graduate degrees and all the high salary jobs, but talk about your sow’s ear! I was distracted when she was a baby – by my role as the First lady of Arkansas lord love a duck! –  but with this one I can devote myself full time , as my campaign schedule allows, to developing this future political superstar right from the start.

Hush little baby don’t say a word Meemaw’s gonna buy you a closet full of black pants and colorful suit jackets.


Peepaw is gone out looking for cigars. I guess he won’t have to look to far. Ha ha. If you know what I mean. BTW God – does Elizabeth Warren have grandchildren? Biden’s got a pack of ’em and they’re all blondes, too. Please God let this little girl be a blonde and not a dark hairy monster like her father. So much more photogenic.

That’s all for now, God. Gotta run and set up my room in Chelsea’s apartment. You’d think for $10M they could have gotten  place that already had meemaw quarters.

More later! Love, Hllary Rodham Clinton, aka Meemaw