Product Endorsement: Ticonderoga Dixon Executive Mechanical Pencil, For All The Good It Does Me

Skip to the main point: it’s been discontinued.

Please help me find this fabulous pencil again.

(Main point. Get it? Point. Pencil point. Bwah!)


appeals to my inner 12 year old

In general, I prefer a pencil over a pen and a mechanical pencil over a wooden one that needs sharpening. I was frittering around with a 5-pack of paper mate Vibes , and I have to say – they are really great. 9 mm leads that never broke, smooth writing and very comfortable to hold. But I lost a lot of time rolling that glittery grip part up and down so I started shopping for a nice mechanical pencil. I wanted to be ready when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

And so I did a lot of research and settled on the Faber Castell eMotion Mechanical Pencil in pearwood. People did ask and I did tell them that’s what I wanted but no one got it for me. I told Sami that I was going to buy it for myself and he pointed out that the lead size was 1.4 mm which is gigantic as mechanical leads go. (I’m not entirely convinced. The thicker lead seems to be the main selling point for this pencil.)

However, he went down to his basement archive of old stuff he can’t ever throw away and came back with a totally unimpressive- looking  pencil identified only as TICONDEROGA on its clip.

come to mama

OMG. I’m telling you that I heard a heavenly host singing at the first stroke I put on paper with this thing. It packs a 7 mm high-polymer lead and writes so smoothly that you don’t even feel yourself holding it. Its like writing with your brain waves.

I tried searching for it in stores and one the internet in case I ever lost this one, but no dice. I did almost lose it on a trip to California and I was morose and whiny for the better part of a whole day but it turns out that it was lurking in a crevase in my business case. Phew!

So I ramped up by search and finally found it at the manufacturer’s website. Turns out that even though it says TICONDEROGA on the clip, it’s really a DIXON. A Dixon Executive Mechanical Pencil. They had only the .5mm model in stock  so I called them up to ask about if they had my .7, but alas, it’s been discontinued.

Woe and sorrow. I can’t even find one on eBay. Google is no help. “Dixon Executive Pencil” you get this, “Dixon Mechanical  Pencil” gets you this and “Ticonderoga Mechanical Pencil” get you this. None of them will do.

So it’s the sadness. This is where you come in. Keep your eye out for me, will you? Look at he mechanical pencils that your colleagues are using. Ask your neighbors what kind of mechanical pencils they have in their homes. Make them an offer. Maybe they won’t care that they possess the finest pencil I’ve ever used in my extensive  cursive career. Maybe they’ll sell it to you.

And then maybe you’ll sell it to me.

61 thoughts on “Product Endorsement: Ticonderoga Dixon Executive Mechanical Pencil, For All The Good It Does Me”

  1. I too fell in love with a pencil, an old fashioned kind – the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602. Out of production. I still have 6 unsharpened beauties for a rainy day. Assume you’ve checked ebay – good luck and Happy Birthday Stedman!

    1. The Blackwing is the stuff of legend. I’m glad I’m not hooked on those because they are available on eBay but at a cost so high I doubt if any buyers actually use them.

      I did check eBay for mine – no dice. 😦

      1. I do have a couple of these pencils that are new. I will be happy to send 2 to you, If you would want to give me your address. I know this sounds crazy, but since I got them for only $1 and you seem to really love them, I will do that. Let me know. Diana Fuller
        Springfield, OHIO

        1. do you still have those pencils? cuz i have the same one but i lost mine and i have been going crazy trying to find another one.

          1. Yes, Raj. I have the pencils. I don’t know how to get them to you. I see them at our Craft 2000 Store, here in Ohio. They only cost $1 each. This includes extra lead and extra erasers too. That seems unreal doesn’t it? I would like to help you get one if I can, but don’t know how to send them. I don’t know how to pass on an address on here, without it being out there for everyone to see. Diana

            1. That is amazing. yes it does seem unreal. i just want to see if we are on the same page here, are you talking about the Dixon Ticonderoga Executive Mechanical Pencil?

              1. Yes, I’m sure we are talking about the same pencil. It is in a package with a hole in it to show the cushion on the grip. It has a number at the top 26110. It is a Dixon Ticonderoga Executive Gold 0.7 Mechanical Pencil. 12 refill leads no. 2/HB 0.7mm, and refill erasers.
                It says Patented Cushioning Slide System Prevents Lead From Breaking
                Large Twist-Up Eraser

                  1. It is very close to that one. mine is dark blue, and the metal parts are golden or brass color. And in the picture on here, just above the finger grip, it appears to have two rings around it, but mine has one.

                    1. Perfect, so is there a website for the store that has it? if so, is it $1 on the site too?

                    2. I don’t know if they have a website to purchase items. The Store is called “Craft 2000” I shop at ours in Ohio. I have gone to a website for them, but haven’t seen any way to order from there.

                1. oh, well there is none here in Harrisburg, PA. So, is there a way that maybe you could send me a couple and i could send you the money for it?

                  1. I am willing to send you two of these pencils, no problem. But, like I had stated before, I don’t know how to get your address without it being put out to the public. I also don’t want to put my email address on here in the open. Is there any way to do all of this privately? I have no idea. I can put two in an envelope and send them to you. Help me in finding out how to do that.

            2. Diana, I was in Springfield today so decided to stop in at Craft 2000 to look for the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. I’m addicted to them, too! But didn’t have any luck. It was the first time I had been in the store and had no clue where to look. Don’t know if I just managed to hit the store at a busy time or what but couldn’t even find an employee to ask and the registers were packed so didn’t want to bother any of the employees while they were busy ringing up customers. Where are they at in the store just in case I manage to get back to Springfiled sometime? Thanks a bunch!!

              1. I’m sorry that I hadn’t seen this note until today. Oct 29, 2011. I found these pencils in the department with artist’s supplies. To the rear and right of the store. They have colored pencils easels and other supplies for artists. I hope this helps you,


            3. Hi Diana, I’ve been looking for this pencil, literally, for years now. I had the gold edition back in middle school, but I ended up losing that. Now that it has been discontinued, I’ve been searching constantly for this. If you could reply to my email instead of on here (where it is more convenient and can discuss addresses and stuff) that would be awesome. I’m really looking forward to being reunited with this Lord of Pencils, lol email:

              1. It’s odd that I frequent this website with hopes that someone has new info about this pencil. Well, I did an ebay search and it seems that Dixon/Ticonderoga came out with a similar version called “Tri-write.” It feels some what lighter than the executive version, but it has the twist eraser (smaller thinner eraser). The grip shape is triangular and surprisingly feels comfortable. I picked up a couple of these pencils (don’t want to make the same mistake I did with the executive).

  2. I’ve searched my packrat-enviable office supply collection and I have only 2 Skilcraft .9 and a Pentel .5. When I’m next over at the niece’s house, I’ll skulk through her writing things, although since she has two shaved monkeys….. er, toddlers, I suspect I’ll find little but gnawed-upon crayons.

  3. Forced obsolescence. Makes me furious. The good stuff gets phased out so that room is made for a cheaper (Chinese) product.

    Right now I am happy with a Bic ClicMaster with No. 2 lead and a great eraser that doesn’t just smear the lead around. I cannot find any more of these. So it goes.

    1. During my obsessive searching I came across several articles that chronicled the sale of Dixon to an Italian company called Fila-Fabbrica. Obviously, my highly-desirable pencil has been mobbed up.

  4. A 1.4 mm lead would be almost like writing with a carpenter’s pencil, but I have to say I love the look of the eMotion. It looks like it was lathed down from a whole oak tree.

    It would make the perfect companion to a Moleskine notebook. (I now buy the three packs of the flexible 3.5 x 5.5 ruled model and keep one with me at all times.) Picture the awe on the faces of my colleagues as I whipped one out accompanied by a writing implement that looked like a giant sequoia. Har!

    And here’s a shout out to the pencil lead chemists for de-brittleizing mechanical refills. No more snap, snap when you get the least bit emphatic. That’s real progress.

    1. That carpenter pencil thing is exactly what Sami said to me. Pity, because the eMotion comes in many appealing finishes, including a nice brown croco but I’m not about to spend upwards of 60 bucks on something that is only second best to me.

      The DXMP is exceptionally well suited to the pages of my Moleskine daily planner. I love the look and feel of that paper but can’t abide any bleed thru onto the back of a page by ink – that is why it’s so crucial that I never lose this last of an extinct breed.

      1. Exactly! Why go to the trouble of buying a notebook with paper that will last until the end of time only to have your ink bleed through. I confess I went through an indelible gel pen phase with my Moleskines, until I realized the error of my ways.

  5. Ohhh, nooo! It can’t be discontinued! I lent my mechanical pencil to some girl and then dropped the class….. She never gave me back my pencil…grrrr. It’s my fault for lending her my ticonderoga (should have given her a bic pen). I’m never lending my pencils out again.

  6. I must concur, my brother. I to, have been lure into searching high and low for, of all things, a PENCIL. I can’t believe how much I’d be willing to pay for another. Even if the pencil was roughed up, I would pay top dollar. I might have to meet the seller in person to be sure that it is legit. I might fly to the other side of the nation to be sure it was the real deal. NAH! But would I? In my opinion the Dixon Executive Pencil is the finiest pencil ever made to date. 08 October 2010

  7. Corrected
    I must concur, my brother. I to, have been lured into searching high and low for, of all things, a PENCIL. I can’t believe how much I’d be willing to pay for another. Even if the pencil was roughed up, I would pay top dollar. I might have to meet the seller in person to be sure that it is legit. I might fly to the other side of the nation to be sure it was the real deal. NAH! But would I? In my opinion the Dixon Executive Pencil is the finest pencil ever made, to date. Like a rookie on the internet, in my first post, I posted the date after my comment not realizing the site does that automatically. After I realized my goof, I laughed at myself. (“What a rookie?”)

  8. I was once offered $15 for this pencil, but I could not part with it. I have held on to it for four years. I really want another one.

  9. I thought I was the only one with an odd loyalty to this pencil! I bought mine nearly 7 years ago and fell in love. And fortunately I still have it! Now knowing that others covet my little gem, I’ll have to hold onto it tighter. 😉 The only issue I have is finding compatible erasers. If anyone has a tip or suggestion, let me know! summerbl4ck at gmail dot com

  10. I have found these pencils, Ticonderoga Executive Gold 0.7 mm #26110, at Craft 2000 in Springfield Ohio. I haven’t read all of the posts before me, but I think some are having trouble finding this pencil today Jan 27, 2011.

  11. Having noticed that many products which I had found to have been exceptional had had a habit of being discontinued, I took the precaution of buying a half dozen of these pencils (my preferred 0.5 mm model) several years ago. Alas, I should have bought a dozen; I am now down to my last one, living in constant fear of losing it!

  12. My pencil is a few years old and it shows a bit from the wear. I decided to look it up but couldn’t find the name to search for until I saw this post. Thanks. I found some 0.5 mm lead executive pencils and I’m getting 2 today.

  13. I found one just lying in my grandmother’s drawer and i fell in love with it at first sight. Alas, now after having it for a couple months, i lost it at my school ;(

  14. I believe I have the same pencil, the same love for it and the same need to replace it. Thanks for the Dixon info. Good luck. If I find one I’ll try to let you know. Dave

  15. Not to necro post, but… & Pens

    DXN26000 Ticonderoga Executive Mechanical Pencil W/Erasers & Refill Lead .5 Mm Set $3.77
    DXN26010 Ticonderoga Excutive Gold Mechanical Pencil W/Erasers & Lead .5 Mm Set $3.77
    DXN26100 Ticonderoga Executive Mechanical Pencil W/Erasers & Refill Lead .7 Mm Set $3.77
    DXN26110 Ticonderoga Excutive Gold Mechanical Pencil W/Erasers & Lead .7 Mm Set $3.77

    I am emailing them to find out if they do, indeed, still have these in stock.

      1. Was sporadically searching for this pencil for years now and I ended up coming back to this page again. I contacted that same supplier 6 years ago and received the same response. If they did have it in stock around a year ago, perhaps they found some in between then. Maybe they’ll have more sometime in the future.

  16. I have the gold .9mm Ticonderoga mechanical pencil and I bought it like in 2006. I never used it until this year 2016 it was in my box of pens and you’re right the larger lead is great so I was looking for a few more. I remember where I bought it, WALMART. I checked there (a few of them in fact, no luck) office max, depot and staples. No luck. I did google and found you looking too. Sorry, I don’t have better news this 6 years later.

  17. I have 2 Ticonderoga mechanical pencils, 1 gold 1 silver, lead, and 2 extra unused erasers. I will sell if I’m given the right price. I am in need of the extra cash, and since these are a hot commodity, I will sell. Let me know how high you’re willing to pay.

  18. I just want to let everyone on here know that I also have this pencil and I cherish it. Many years ago I was able to get two off of ebay but now I wish I had gotten more. I always like checking back on this little thread and knowing that other people love this thing as much as I do.
    I sure wish they would bring it back!

  19. I have the pens that match this pencil!! I’m trying to swap out the inside to turn it into the pencil. I won’t be able to do anything about the eraser, but at least it’ll be close.

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