“Regular is $2.29 in Baltimore”, I Said To Him To Salve My Guilty Conscience

Regrets, I’ve had more than a few.

One big one is the time I put an end to my husband’s habit of quoting gas prices to me while we were in the car together. I did it in a loud, bitchy delivery style. And he never read me a gas station price sign again.

And its not that I miss it, but of course now I read every single gas price sign that I pass and I know he must be just about bursting with accumulated gas price information that he cannot release. My feeling at the time when these one-sided conversations were going on was who cares? I was willing to entertain one maybe two price quotes and even willing to contribute to the conversation with a non-committal ha! or hmm. But I was not then nor am I now interested in running commentary or complete cataloging of every gas price around.


lovegasI was only gone a day and a half and he was on my mind a lot. I was thinking about what a good guy he is and how I might possibly be perceived as a miserable buzz killer. Last night when I got home after my road trip, I was very happy to see him.  And so I said to him “Regular is $2.29 in Baltimore.” He looked at me with utter amazement and I could see the light in his eyes growing with the hope that this would be the start of a real conversation about gas prices. Out of pure love, I continued,  “And its $2.19 in Delaware.”

“Well, at least that’s not as bad as Pennsylvania!” he happily replied.

[Author’s note: I paid $1.84 to fill up in NJ at the start of my trip on Wednesday.]