“Regular is $2.29 in Baltimore”, I Said To Him To Salve My Guilty Conscience

Regrets, I’ve had more than a few.

One big one is the time I put an end to my husband’s habit of quoting gas prices to me while we were in the car together. I did it in a loud, bitchy delivery style. And he never read me a gas station price sign again.

And its not that I miss it, but of course now I read every single gas price sign that I pass and I know he must be just about bursting with accumulated gas price information that he cannot release. My feeling at the time when these one-sided conversations were going on was who cares? I was willing to entertain one maybe two price quotes and even willing to contribute to the conversation with a non-committal ha! or hmm. But I was not then nor am I now interested in running commentary or complete cataloging of every gas price around.


lovegasI was only gone a day and a half and he was on my mind a lot. I was thinking about what a good guy he is and how I might possibly be perceived as a miserable buzz killer. Last night when I got home after my road trip, I was very happy to see him.  And so I said to him “Regular is $2.29 in Baltimore.” He looked at me with utter amazement and I could see the light in his eyes growing with the hope that this would be the start of a real conversation about gas prices. Out of pure love, I continued,  “And its $2.19 in Delaware.”

“Well, at least that’s not as bad as Pennsylvania!” he happily replied.

[Author’s note: I paid $1.84 to fill up in NJ at the start of my trip on Wednesday.]

7 thoughts on ““Regular is $2.29 in Baltimore”, I Said To Him To Salve My Guilty Conscience”

  1. Too funny. My husband knows and can discuss at any given moment the gas prices all over the country even though we live in Pennsylvania and hardly ever leave our rural county. He grew up in NJ though so that might explain it.

  2. This is the most romantic story I’ve heard in a long time. I, also have been married for a long time (1968) to a good man. It is too easy to take them for granted. I always enjoy your blog, but this is a personal best.

    Thank you, Donnie

  3. Also, I could have written that comment more eloquently with better grammar and spelling, but I’m typing on my phone at 4am…so..you know….

    But truly, this was one of your best.

  4. You must have listened in on one of my road trips with my husband. What is it about gas prices they find so fascinating, captivating, engrossing, spellbinding, riveting, engaging, compelling, and gripping. It used to be me, but that was back when gas prices were in the 50 cent range. I am freaking old.

  5. Perfection achieved. Go part the seas, already! 😉

    I’ve been guilty of same and, like you, remind myself of how much I love this good guy… at which time I ask “which intersection had the most accidents last year?”

    Same thing.

  6. Ladies, gas prices mean much more to men than just a frugal shopping tactic; they’re a nearly universal index to the world economy, national marketing, states rights, societal breakdown, politics and, if you reaaallly stretch it, sports. Citing prices is a way of starting a conversation that offers so many options we can’t help going with it.

    And the romantic angle is duly noted. It reminds me of 35 cent a gallon gas…

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