Whilst Deirdre Wept Cool Tears

It’s raining this morning but I’m not giving up. I get so little outdoor time due to my punishing work schedule that I insist on staying out under the canopy until the 9 o’clock whistle blows. Just me and the mosquitoes. The little lemon tree has developed an alarming new sadness and that is that…


This Is Happening

Although the little lemon tree continues to lose its yellow leaves, the fruit is gaining ground. There are now 16 lemons of varying sizes from 1/2″ to this enormous 3-incher, with the majority in the 1 1/2 to 2 ” range and it’s now producing new flowers.


Hey Baby, Nice Lemons

Important news bulletin: After only a few days out in the sunshine, my 5 little lemons have dramatically increased in size. i’m so happy to tell you that they are as big as a quarter! Please don’t let me get too attached. Remember, we are not yet out of the high-risk period for the expected…