Whilst Deirdre Wept Cool Tears

It’s raining this morning but I’m not giving up. I get so little outdoor time due to my punishing work schedule that I insist on staying out under the canopy until the 9 o’clock whistle blows. Just me and the mosquitoes.

The little lemon tree has developed an alarming new sadness and that is that the main fruit-bearing branch is sagging under the weight of its responsibility. I can’t imagine where things would be if that banister rail wasn’t in the vicinity.


The rain isn’t helping the sag situation. The only bright spot in all of this is that I unintentionally captured the stand of Bela Lugosi day lilies in the background. If it’s not raining when I ascend from the corporate coal mine this evening, I’m going to try and capture the vibrancy of those magnificent chartreuse throats.

5 thoughts on “Whilst Deirdre Wept Cool Tears”

  1. I hate to say it, but that skinny little branch may just be carrying more than it wants to carry. You might want to attach it to the railing somehow so it doesn’t blow off and break. Not that I am a lemon expert, but this is a maiden voyage for your little tree.

    1. Dumb question: if you pick lemons when they are still green, to lessen the load on the branch, will they turn yellow if perched on the window sill? See, I said it was a dumb question. It’s Friday. Have a great weekend. Sun is out. Rain is gone. Life is good.

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