Morning Sickness

Which are the worst – rabbits or deer? The answer is deer. Yesterday morning there were 50 flower buds on the Bela Lugosi day lilies. Some were just hours away from opening. I went out early this morning to check on them and found this: Remember what a struggle it was to get these going…


After The Fall

If the lawn guy doesn’t blow these away today, then surely the wind/hail weather event predicted for tomorrow will take care of them. I’ll be sorry to see them go.


101 Views Of My Deck

Things are starting to get back into shape on my personal slice of heaven. My trim little semi circle of yellow Knock Out Roses has been wildly successful so of course that means Sami wants to teach them a lesson with his chain saw. This is what he hates about exuberant abundance: And that of…

m i b

* Sigh *

I have an an interest in a business called Mr. Ice Bucket. Not an interest like I’m an investor – just a fascination with them. It’s ” …┬áthe oldest continuously managed Ice Bucket manufacturing facility in the world!” They manufacture ice buckets (among other things) for retail┬ásale, corporate gifts and wholesale to the hotel and…


Saturday Morning

My neighborhood is filled with early risers. Early outdoor workers, I should say. Does every neighborhood have these? They’re out there vacuuming their cars and hosing their plants long before I push the button on the coffee maker. In the winter, the pleasant scraping of their snow shovels lulls be back to sleep. Here’s the…