Whilst Deirdre Wept Cool Tears

It’s raining this morning but I’m not giving up. I get so little outdoor time due to my punishing work schedule that I insist on staying out under the canopy until the 9 o’clock whistle blows. Just me and the mosquitoes. The little lemon tree has developed an alarming new sadness and that is that…


Look At This Bullshit

My favorite shrub is going all Dr. Seuss on me. I don’t know what is going on but I’ve never seen that tassel thing on top waving around like this.I love that shrub so I hope it’s not trying to wave goodbye to me. :( Here is the $25.00 day lily finally in bloom. The…

Bela Lugosi

In case anyone has been wondering how my $25 day lilies are doing after Sami yanked them out of the ground last year, here they are. Pretty darned vigorous if I must say so myself. The English lavender is doing quite well, too. Here it is from a different angle, showcasing a tasteful badass plastic…

unnamed (2)

Fill In The Blank

Choose the correct word to complete this sentence: A _____________ rabbit helped himself to the chicken planter buffet. cute frigging innocent asshole doomed     Extra credit: Please share your favorite method of exterminating rabbits.