Bela Lugosi

In case anyone has been wondering how my $25 day lilies are doing after Sami yanked them out of the ground last year, here they are. Pretty darned vigorous if I must say so myself. The English lavender is doing quite well, too. Here it is from a different angle, showcasing a tasteful badass plastic…

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Fill In The Blank

Choose the correct word to complete this sentence: A _____________ rabbit helped himself to the chicken planter buffet. cute frigging innocent asshole doomed     Extra credit: Please share your favorite method of exterminating rabbits.


A Planter In The Sun

I can almost smell the springtime (through the snow cover) and that means it’s time to trawl the internet for chicken planters. Let me prepare you by saying that the internet is a weird and wonderful place. Here is a chicken planter with the head of a young Liz Taylor. They can call her “Olivia”…