Morning Sickness

Which are the worst – rabbits or deer? The answer is deer.

Yesterday morning there were 50 flower buds on the Bela Lugosi
day lilies. Some were just hours away from opening. I went out early this morning to check on them and found this:

they missed one stem. i guess theyll be back for it.

Remember what a struggle it was to get these going (due to a different kind of garden destroyer)?  I was so looking forward to the bloom period this summer, my last in New Jersey. I can’t wait to get to Florida where the only animals I have to worry about is alligators and snakes.m

2 thoughts on “Morning Sickness”

  1. Sorry to see this. 😦 Florida? Also factor in the large populations of rabid raccoons, cute but feisty possums and canal rats. Which is why I can’t have a bird feeder. Bird seed lures rats, which in turn brings snakes.
    OH, the iguanas which fall from the trees when it gets too cold… just let them lie until it warms up; they’ll be fine.

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