101 Views Of My Deck

Things are starting to get back into shape on my personal slice of heaven.

tranquil morning coffe spot. just me, birdsong and a manically barking corgi

My trim little semi circle of yellow Knock Out Roses has been wildly successful so of course that means Sami wants to teach them a lesson with his chain saw. This is what he hates about exuberant abundance:

the encroachment

And that of course is exactly what I love about it. He sees it as untamed nature encroaching on human territory and I see it as a sign of my gardening mastery – plants so successful they cannot be held back. RAWR! 

I offer these pictures as documentation of how lovely they once were just in case they should go missing by reason of “I thought they were weeds.”

I think I’ll take that little birdbath to Florida with me. maybe that corgi butt as well.

He may have a point about exuberant abundance encroaching on the sidewalk.

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