101 Views Of My Deck

My deck. What sweet sweet words to be able to say again. This deck is my favorite place on earth and it’s been dismantled since early October.


Frankly, I wasn’t too optimistic about expecting this to be back together before winter set in, especially considering how the rest of the basement project is going. But yesterday the workers showed up and started to reassemble the decking, replacing some boards and making it sturdier than it was before. If they go at the same pace today, I might be able to sit in a chair and have one more cocktail out there – an activity that will tide me over through the winter. Granted, I will have to do it before the sun sets at around 4:30 and I’ll be wearing a coat and maybe a small blanket around my legs, but you can trust that I am going to be out there one more time.

Also, notice those black bags of mulch behind Stedman? Look closer:


With its last gasp, a terminally ill Meyer lemon tree gave birth to 7 little lemons. There were 11 when the tree was moved down there so this is more of a survival story than a success story. We are rapidly approaching the last chapter of this saga.

10 thoughts on “101 Views Of My Deck”

  1. That is a lot of lemons when you thought you wouldn’t get any! We, your faithful following, need more deck/basement/creek details, tho.

    1. * sigh * such a long story. The dry-basement people who came to save us from a creek repair project gone wrong finished the inside work and then tore up the outside to lay drain pipe underground. The deck was in the way. So no flood in the basement but no deck, grass or solid terrain either.

    1. You know the basement story – the creek project that created a pressurized underground dam that found its way out through my basement and made a stinkin mess down there. This outside work was excavation to lay drain pipe and they had to take the deck apart to do it.

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