Here I Sit, Broken-Hearted

I cry myself to sleep over this.

Remember my love affair with the Dixon-Ticonderoga Executive Mechanical Pencil?

I’ve been noticing an increasing number of visitors who arrived here with the search requests in varying combinations of  Dixon, Ticondergoa and mechanical pencils.  I wasn’t going to say anything but I went back to the D-T website and oh! happy day! – the online ordering section showed that the 0.7mm pencil was available again. I jumped on it and ordered one along with a gold-trimmed 0.5mm and a 2-pack of their very inexpensive Iso-Grips.

To say that i was eagerly awaiting the arrival of that package would get a huge understatement. It came on Friday and guess what? No 0.7mm! I called customer service and was informed that there is a glitch in the company website that sometimes shows old discontinued product as in stock. They apologized and said I was charged for only the two items that shipped. When I expressed dismay to the very nice customer service rep and told her it was the best pencil they ever made, she exclaimed “I know! We have the matching old ballpoints that we use at our desks here. There’s something about the balance, isn’t there?”  The sadness is that she said they didn’t do a good job of marketing them and the sales weren’t enough to justify continued production.


There’s another little D-T product that I have had my eye on – the Sense-matic Plus Mechanical Pencil, which #1 looks like a regular woodcase pencil and #2 automatically advances the lead as you write. That’s genius. I thought it was strange that the D-T site didn’t have this listed on their pencil page. Look at this review on the Amazon page:

“I bought a lifetime supply of this model  … because the manufacturer has discontinued them.”

Can you even breathe? Dixon-Ticonderoga, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?


[The matter of course, is this: “In December 2004 Dixon Ticonderoga entered into an agreement to be acquired by Fila-Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini S.p.A., a producer of design and writing instruments, art materials, and modeling paste based in Milan. The Italian firm’s brands included Giotto, Tratto, Pongo, Das, and Dido.”

That’s right – the Italians took over and trashed my beloved all-American D-T Executive in favor of eurotrashy Trotto. ]

Not even if it was the last mechanical pencil left on Earth.

20 thoughts on “Here I Sit, Broken-Hearted”

  1. So it was a matter of US interest to bail out GM and Wall Street, but we couldn’t spare a few million to keep Dixon-Ticonderoga here in America??

    Last time I checked Fort Ticonderoga was an important battle in the friggin American Revolution!!

  2. While I don’t have a strong preference for a particular mechanical pencil (other than the fact that I like 0.5mm lead) I will threaten bodily harm to coworkers who attempt to steal my Pilot G-2 0.7mm black ink pens.

    I also miss my old Pelikan fountain pen that I bought in Germany way back in 1989. There’s just something cool about writing with a fountain pen.

  3. Ollie’s discount stores on the eastcoast have had the Ticonderoga Executive Gold Mechanical pencils for
    .99. I bought 25 before I saw your post. Love the pencil and the price. Now to figure out how to reload the lead… mystery.
    directions please….

  4. I too, am crying over this loss. I still have my Executive (stolen from my sister), and plan on scouring all the Ollie’s I pass in PA when I go home for Christmas. How do you feel about the Iso-Grips? Any good?

  5. I did buy a 2-pack of Iso-Grips and they are actually pretty good. They are nice to hold, write smoothly and you forget about the pencil so you can pay attention to the writing, which I guess is the ultimate evaluation result. They are, however, almost weightless. Even though lead and erasers can be replaced, I consider them disposable.

  6. Has anyone been able to find any of these online? I used to have a website that sold some, but I seem to have lost it. These are the BEST pencils and I am really hoping I can find more.

  7. Having noticed that many products which I had found to have been exceptional had had a habit of being discontinued, I took the precaution of buying a half dozen of these pencils (my preferred 0.5 mm model) several years ago. Alas, I should have bought a dozen; I am now down to my last one, living in constant fear of losing it!

  8. FIVE YEARS. It took me five years to find one. I had one of these all through high school and someone stole it on one of the last few days before graduation. I’ve had Ebay and Amazon email lists sending me possible matches and after five years I finally found one. It’s a sweet victory.

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