It’s A Tough Job To Find Enough Things To Spray Paint Around Here

I had a little black table steel mesh table that was  a feature in my short-lived Mexican Happy Hour Stoopscape.  Black steel mesh is a classic that I cannot resist, but the time had come to freshen it up and as long as I was going to be spray painting it, why not jazz it up a little?

I was really happy with the way the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint turned out on the desk lamp, so I went looking for more metallic finishes and came across Rustoleum Metallic Vintage Copper. It looks so good next to the eucalyptus wood rockers that – and please act surprised here – now I feel like I have to be on the alert for more things to use this paint on.

A Planter In The Sun

I can almost smell the springtime (through the snow cover) and that means it’s time to trawl the internet for chicken planters. Let me prepare you by saying that the internet is a weird and wonderful place. Here is a chicken planter with the head of a young Liz Taylor.

I am Olivia the Uptown chicken planter. I am quietly laying here ready to grow a plant for you. I am 11 inches long and have a body circumference of 17 inches. I am 9 inches tall and come with drain holes for good plant health. I am a large chicken and would look good full of your favorite plants.

They can call her “Olivia” to get out from under any conflict with the estate of Liz Taylor but look at it. Do you have any doubt about who that is?

Dudes, the earrings, the frothy dress. I’m going back to look at this seller and see if she has any rooster planters that look like Montgomery Clift.


I’m kind of digging it but I know Sami would never go for it. I have to tred lightly because its going to be tricky enough getting around his ridiculous 3 chicken limit for decorating so a Liz Taylor Chicken is not the hill to die on.

UPDATE: It’s a stretch but I can make a case for it. The upward tilt of the chin, the angle of the gaze, the sharp elbow bent and ready, the open-eyed stare. The cheekbones!

I am Spider Pup , a small planter for your collection. I am 4 inches tall and 9 inches wide. My head circumference is 7.5 inches, perfect for a tiny plant. I have a drain hole for good plant health and I pushed Shelley Winters into a lake.



Al Gore Turned Vegan And I’m Not Feeling Too Good Myself

The third front door is here and is being installed today. There is an awful lot of chatter going on down there – I don’t remember this from last time. Of course, last time it was a very warm early September day and the chattering may have happened outside. Today is c-c-c-cold.

So far so good. The only tragic development is that the door surround for the garage was cut too short and so they can’t do that today. It will have to be ordered, winter will have to pass and then they’ll have to come back on the spring. But maybe maybe today, I’ll finally have a front door that closes all the way with molding on the inside instead of blue painter’s tape to keep the drafts out and a big old honest-to-God mechanism in place  of the little bashed up brass knob that we moved from the front door that was hanging here when we moved in 26 1/2 years ago.

[UPDATE: I can over hear the head installer asking my husband if he “has a better idea”. Do not like. I hear a metal tape measure going in and out and they are saying “87.” This has been up-to-the-minute reporting about my front door. More news as it develops.]

On the bright side, I contacted Hayneedle about the glue blob lamp shade and they are issuing a full refund and I don’t have to bother with returning the damaged shade, which is a great convenience to me.

Lampshades are invading my dreams now and it’s disturbing. They leave me wth a  feeling of unease. I come away with the impression that the shades in my dreams would be acceptable to just about anyone else and that holding our for the shade that I imagine must exist out there somewhere is unreasonable. I am made to feel foolish and unreasonable in my own dreams.

UPDATE: Darlings, my hinges are on the inside once again.

i am pleased.

We’re Having Exceptionally Lovely Autumn Color This Year

it’s scraggly but purty

It’s November 7th and my part of New Jersey hasn’t had a hard frost yet so I haven’t emptied my all of flowers pots.

(Reminder: it’s not the last minute yet. Are you thinking that I should be proactive? You must be new around here.)

I’ve never kept a geranium this late in the year so I had no idea that their leaves turned color, too.

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Chicken

What a gloomy Monday. Here’s a partial but peppy stoopscape to cheer you.

The paint for the bench turned out to be the right shade of red after all.

I’m trying hard not to overdo it with the tchatchkas here but I think we all know what’s going to happen.

In other news I didn’t do anything except my visiting daughter’s laundry over the weekend and now it’s Monday and gloomy as hell and I regret not taking advantage of the nice weekend weather and this is the story of my life and I’m not even really feeling sorry for myself I just felt like I had to put it out there because people expect you to be regretful about this kind of behavior but personally I’m happy that I had a  long nap two days in a row.