Emergency News Bulletin Better Sit Down For This

I started out the day planning to list all the dreary and self-pitying reasons why I can’t blog right now but thisthisTHIS just arrived in my email box:

da do ron-ron-ron, da do ron-ron


I’ve got to lie down. More later, mostly supposition that THE GREAT LADY’s Inaugural wear will hark back to the great girl groups of the 60s.

[note to self: investigate who designed for the Supremes] UPDATE: BOB MACKIE!!!

OMG I’m going to have a stroke over this. The day seemed so dull when I first got up – now everything is different. Bob Mackie! Of course THE GREAT LADY will choose Bob Mackie for her inauguration gown now that she doesn’t have to pretend to shop at Target anymore. And wouldn’t he just love to add M. LaVaughn to the roster of famous fashionable ladies he has dressed!


Don’t worry, America. Everything is going to be all right now.