6 thoughts on “Dear Diary – BANGS!”

  1. Dear Diary,

    I have big news to share! I recently decided to get bangs. They’re terrific, and hide my huge forehead. I needed a change. My old look was so “first term.” We went to Supercuts, because they gave us a big break. The taxpayers treated me, the kids, and our four Secret Service agents, to a new ‘do! Well, gotta go, girlfriend. I have The Inaugural Ball to prepare for. Sorry to disappoint Suzette, but my Bob Mackie gown was backordered by Beyonce. Wait ’till she sees my outfit!



  2. Of course, I had to check it out. O M G, indeed. I’m already tired of reading about her “eye roll” and Sasha’s stupid yawn. Lord, give us strength to tolerate them for four more years. I hope they go out with a Big Bang(s).

  3. We’ll never have to listen to another Obama inauguration speech again. The first in a short list of last times I hope. Does time go faster or slower when you’re paying for everyone elses lady parts?

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