Publicly Supported Theater, Episode 4: American Princess

pst 4 american princess

Cast & Credits:

starring Hillary! Clinton as herself, Debbie Wasserman Schlitz as The Ghost of Flat Irons Past

 and extra special guest star  Poor Chelsea as Yesterday’s News

Adapted from the original screenplay by ABC News  in which Ivanka Trump displays  Ivanka Trump’s address at the Republican National Convention Thursday was supposed to fire up Republicans, but ended up also promoting issues that are near and dear to Democrats, including gender equality and equal pay. Based on an idea by The Guardian reporting of the universal acclaim for Ivanka’s  introduction of Donald J Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Reasons Why I Will Be Tuning In To The Republican Convention Coverage

  1. to hear Melania speak
  2. to watch social media explode with comparisons to overhyped hideola that is the current first lady
  3. to countdown how long it takes Cankles to get airtime at the front of a human bridge blockade in Baltimore
  4. to listen for the Charles In Charge theme song being played when Scot Baio takes the stage.
  5. to listen for lyrics changed to the Donald In Charge as he walks off
  6. to hope against hope that Ivana and Marla will be shown seated together in the audience
  7. possible opening film sequence The Man From Mar A Lago, because irony
  8. to enjoy the little baby progs screw themselves into the ground over unindicted potential candidate Clinton

No particular order here. so much to enjoy about this. I do hope that the Donald has his own paid security team that can bust out the moment the government-provided troops fall back. I mean, he’s a New Yorker. – surely he’s seen Serpico?


P.S. Hey, looks like Trump is good for business even before he becomes president . U.S. TV networks, buoyed by strong demand from advertisers, are adding hours of coverage for this week’s Republican National Convention

Publicly Supported Theater, Episode 3: What Difference Does It Make?

PST 3 Girl Talk

Cast & Credits:

starring Hillary! Clinton as An Innocent Meemah

 and special guest star  Lowrenta Lynch as herself

Adapted from the original screenplay by Newsmax  in which Hillary! mulls over the proper positioning for the dedicated law-upholder, Attorney General Lynch. Attorney General, Supreme Court Jurist – what does it even matter?  the recent controversy over the revelation of a secret meeting between former president Bill Clinton and Lynch on a Phoenix tarmac, even as there is an ongoing federal investigation into Hillary’s use of a private email server while she was serving as secretary of state.

Note that this production is not associated in any way with the Washington Post’s out-of-town trial run of Won’t You Stay Home, Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton has made a mess. It was either out of foolish indifference or plain foolishness, but it has created a terrible moment for his wife and the Democrats, and for President Obama and perceptions of the integrity of his administration.

Publicly Supported Theater, Episode 2: The Bidening


PST ep 2 the Vice

Cast & Credits:

starring Hillary! Clinton as A Woman

 and special guest star  Uncle Joe Moving Kinda Slow Biden as himself

Adapted from the original screenplay by White House Dossier  in which America’s Vice President gets around to straightening us all out on what was the current topic of conversation last week. Biden: If a Woman Strips Naked and Walks to the Capitol, Men Can’t Touch Her