World Famous Fashion Icon Grace Jones?

There’s nothing I’d like better than to see these two drop permanent off the face of the earth altogether but I must say I’m enjoying these ghastly portraits immensely. I’m not going to bother repeating the well-deserved criticisms of the artist’s technical skills, her intentions or her hidden messages. But I would like to ask a question that I haven’t seen asked anywhere else on the internet:

Can anyone vouch for the whereabouts of Grace Jones when this portrait was being painted?

One is a world famous fashion icon. The other one is Michelle Obama.


Best meme I’ve seen so far. Wish i knew who to credit for this because it is spot on.

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signed, Mellow In Florida

I was going to tittle this post “The Kinder Gentler Suzette” but in light of the fact that I’m mulling over a blog series called Hillary Packs!, it might not be especially kind or gentle around here for all that long.

Yes, Hillary Packs! in which our intrepid heroine prepares to flee the country ahead of the inevitable indictments. Each blog post would be about a single thing she’d be packing, say vodka* chardonnay or various types of crutches. Maybe she won’t pack a suitcase but just load up her Scooby van and head for the Canadian border. [sidebar: Do we have a extradition agreement with Canada?]

[*THIS should have been a big hint about what she was up to with that Uranium One business – a sudden an unlimited supply of Russian Standard. That’s one thing that never changes about HRC. She always tells us what she’s doing, one way or another.]

I don’t know.  I’m telling myself in can make people laugh with the Hillary series, but you’ll remember that I had to give up blogging about World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama™ because she made me sick.

Okay. Here’s one for old times sake:


Or maybe this?


Nevermind. I’m done with them and now I’ve put myself in a bad mood. And to think this post was going to be about Santa.

New Blogging Energy

I am living proof that optimism is on the rise in the age of Trump. The daily drag of hearing about and especially looking at Hillary! and World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama™ wore one down to the point of nausea. The idea of thinking about them enough to develop an amusing blog became more and more repulsive until it became unbearable.

But now! Now everything is different. So I’m thinking of new blog categories that I can enjoy as well as you my lovely readers would. Here are two ideas that I’m playing around with:

Chelsea Cooks! 

Who knew our little Chelsea was such an innovative foodie? Not only did her Spinach pancakes take the Twitter world by storm, but her follow-up justification that she was addressing deficiencies in her daughter’s dietary intake adds another dimension to analyzing her food ideas and menu selections. (Example: “Parenting Tip: look after your toddler’s vitamin needs by letting her suck on refrigerator magnets shaped like alphabet letters.  Letters A and C are especially popular with kids and moms alike!”)

Dispatches From Camp Kalorama

This would be a Dear Diary kind of thing written in the voice of a sardonic teen age Valerie Jarret. Disaffected diarist Valerie June would complain about everything and mock recurring characters: a former first lady known as LaVaugn, a spoiled and lazy former first daughter Cha Cha plus various visitors such as failed presidential candidates,  assorted lesser Kennedys and a US Senator known as Walks With Massholes.

Yes, I think these ideas deserve serious consideration.




Random Thoughts

Famous Bloggers  I notice that all of the more famous bloggers do this:

  • blog daily
  • shamelessly pilfer material
  • eventually reveal themselves to be mentally unbalanced

I have my beefs with some of them but wth? They would be just as unbalanced and pitiable if they were not famous, so I choose to keep my opinions to myself.

Blogging Daily I used to do that. And it was good. There was a whole community of commenters that engaged with me and with each other. I still have great commenters but not so many. I was looking at a few old posts and I consistently drew 12-30 comments on each. That’s what makes blogging worthwhile – the feedback*. Can’t remember why I slowed down. I’m going to try and post here a little more often than I’ve been doing lately. What follows is quality examples of what you can expect.

Morning Prayer Dear Lord, Please give me the strength to stop buying vintage needlepoint pillow kits from eBay. Also the devil put before me the search term “vintage tapestry cushion kits” and now I need extra strength to avoid British eBay too because that’s where the good stuff is.

Actual purchases.

These should keep me busy through mid-2017. Or not. I think I can whip those bottom two out in about a month each. Better continue to stock up – maybe go full retail. Like this William de Morgan fishy charmer. 

Cabbage Steaks With Sour Cream  Hey, guys – I’m dieting again. For two weeks. It’s my own food plan called Mostly Aktins and No  Gin Mostly Aktins and Less Gin. But do you know that gin has no carbs? And do you know that a shot of gin is only 73 calories? And do you know that “a shot”= 25ml? Who is that for, 25mls – Grandma on her 100th birthday?

Temptation I have given up the world of blogging about Gross Democrat Women (because they make me sick) but man, how much temptation can a person take? Hillary’s coughing, a crystal encrusted MOO** and now enormous first daughter Malaria heading for that all-American distillery of knowledge, Harvard University. That last one is killing me . I envision a series called “Malaria Hits Harvard” perhaps written in the style of New England Journal of Medicine articles for all my medically-oriented readers. And a sub category called “Sausage Party; Teen Ho Down in the White House”. I could work up enthusiasm for that.


*Even from the pre-BLM era thugs who commented to insult me because I pointed out the truth about world Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama.

**Who could use a little Mostly Atkins and Less Gin herself these days.