Not For Nothing

Sami took a very early morning flight from Jacksonville back to New Jersey on Thursday morning. He called me while he was on the plane waiting to take off  to say that the TSA was surprisingly rigorous at the checkpoint, reminiscent of the security practices following 9/11. Everyone had to take their shoes off – a practice that has been abandoned for quite a while – and pulling fully half the travelers aside for pat-downs at the extra stations they had set up. This was about 5:30 am and the checkpoint lines were already backed up due to this activity.

This was unexpected and certainly not anywhere near not the case when Sami flew in on 12/22. There are only so many airports of decent size in Florida. Could it be that there was some serious indication that there would be a terrorism  incident at a Florida airport this week and security was beefed up in anticipation?

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting – “Terrorism Not Ruled Out”…

The Silver Lining

You know, Hillary’s campaign so far has been a big disappointment to me . Mostly because she’s making few public apprentices and thus her wardrobe is not able to be mocked by me. The drumbeat to replace her with Joe Biden is growing stronger and although he would be a disaster as candidate or heaven forbid! president, I would welcome his prominence in the news because I would be able to use this photo anytime I referred to him and Dr. Jill.

 President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill wait for the White House locksmith to hand over the REAL keys. Thanks, Obama.


Here’s a good one:

 The White House has now enlisted doctors and nurses in their global warming propaganda campaign, trying to frame the argument that climate change is detrimental to one’s health. The central message: doctors should warn their patients that global warming could make their health worse.

sad doctorsAs if. Doctors talk mostly about their golf games. I guess they could stretch to fit in some climate change connection to heat stroke on the 7th hole, or deeper water hazards after monsoons in Westchester but I have my doubts that this is the part of the doctor-patient conversation that the patient would take away. Sometimes doctors like to talk about their luxury vacations, so maybe something about how choppy seas disrupted the butler service on their cruise to Polynesia?

[sidebar: My husband had some serious surgery recently and when we went for the post-op check up, that doctor recounted for us the first time he used “the parktronic” feature of his new Mercedes to automatically parallel park. Can’t see how we can work climate change into that one.]

Nurses, on the other hand, talk to patients about how they had to come out of retirement and get back to work after their husbands lost their jobs.

Obama Event Registry – Boom Boom

As a registered nurse of many,  many years I can tell you with professional authority that people people love to talk about their bowel movements. My professional responsibility was to inquire if a patient had a bowel movement. The answer I sought was  simple YES or NO. But did it ever stop there? No – I’ve been treated to more specific details about individuals that you can imagine, sometimes I got historical recounting covering weeks or months. For this reason, I forbid any of my family members or close friends to even broach the subject with me, no matter what their health issues are. I have heard enough.

But hey – is there any more personal or highly anticipated event in a person’s life? NO! Why not take advantage of it? After all, to paraphrase a famous man – never let a good human waste product go to waste. 

Boom Boom For Barack