Obama Event Registry – Boom Boom

As a registered nurse of many,  many years I can tell you with professional authority that people people love to talk about their bowel movements. My professional responsibility was to inquire if a patient had a bowel movement. The answer I sought was  simple YES or NO. But did it ever stop there? No – I’ve been treated to more specific details about individuals that you can imagine, sometimes I got historical recounting covering weeks or months. For this reason, I forbid any of my family members or close friends to even broach the subject with me, no matter what their health issues are. I have heard enough.

But hey – is there any more personal or highly anticipated event in a person’s life? NO! Why not take advantage of it? After all, to paraphrase a famous man – never let a good human waste product go to waste. 

Boom Boom For Barack

7 thoughts on “Obama Event Registry – Boom Boom”

  1. I’m really sorry that some people have, um, dumped their toilet problems on you, but it wasn’t me or any of my siblings. My dear Mother thought that all illness was cured with an enema or castor oil, so our learned response to any questions about a daily movement were either avoided or lied about.

    She was a simple woman, who made her own cough syrup; a vile concoction of honey, onions and a secret ingredient that we came to suspect as being whiskey. Whiskey, rubbed on the gums, was used as an aid to relive the pain of a teething baby (put them to sleep).
    Now that I think about it, whiskey was added to hot lemon/tea to cure a cold, too. Hmmm. Vinegar was a popular product for an assortment of ails, from dandruff to athlete’s foot.

    Maybe she was right; we’re all still here, mostly healthy and dandruff free.

  2. Enemas Against Enemies – get redemptively cleansed anytime you have a GOP influenced, apoststatic thought about personal responsibility or upholding the Constitution. And donate while you carry Barry’s water!

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