Not For Nothing

Sami took a very early morning flight from Jacksonville back to New Jersey on Thursday morning. He called me while he was on the plane waiting to take off  to say that the TSA was surprisingly rigorous at the checkpoint, reminiscent of the security practices following 9/11. Everyone had to take their shoes off – a practice that has been abandoned for quite a while – and pulling fully half the travelers aside for pat-downs at the extra stations they had set up. This was about 5:30 am and the checkpoint lines were already backed up due to this activity.

This was unexpected and certainly not anywhere near not the case when Sami flew in on 12/22. There are only so many airports of decent size in Florida. Could it be that there was some serious indication that there would be a terrorism  incident at a Florida airport this week and security was beefed up in anticipation?

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting – “Terrorism Not Ruled Out”…

5 thoughts on “Not For Nothing”

  1. Interesting. Sounds like they knew something… but of course will never admit if so… Arthur says that he still has to take his shoes off unless he’s on some TSA pre-check list… but wow…

  2. It could be they often get some intelligence but not enough to pin point. That being said every time I fly out of JIA I’ve had to take my shoes off and all that jazz.

    On flights home through larger airports I’ve actually been waved through, but I’ve also been through hell. Montana was the worst, Reagan airport in DC a close second…….but my husband the air traffic controller was somehow on “the list”. Still is, once you’re on you never get off. We think it’s not actually him but his name since he has a common name. Part of my unfortunate experiences had to do with flying with someone on the list and my big fat mouth. It’s not cool to be a smart-ass with TSA.

    Any increased scrutiny may have been due to Obama’s impending visit. He flew into JIA last night to attend a staffer’s wedding. The advance team usually arrives a few days ahead so maybe that was part of it???

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