New Fence Same Old Poodle


  • 3:30pm – creek workers show up to install fence
  • 5:45pm – creekworkers finsh for the day and leave
  • 6:15pm The Poodle discovers the fence on his first sortie of the evening
  • 7:00pm – the Poodle returns and zeros in for a close up look of something he’s been looking at for months only now he’s looking at it over a split rail fence
poodle fence
The Poodle  – June 11, 2013 – 7:04 pm

The Poodle is now giving guided tours of the creek. I swear to God.

He’s got another dog walker over there and he is sweeping his arm back and forth while explaining how the water used to rage out from the concrete pipe. I wonder if he knows that there are trees planted in the creek bed because if he does, that is not part of his guided tour.

10 thoughts on “New Fence Same Old Poodle”

  1. The mindless, non-imaginative solution to this problem entails a visit to Roger the Shrubber. Perhaps the shrubberies would be less interesting than the various goings-on of the looky-loos, but the view could be more peaceful and soothing, no?

    1. Yes greenery is definitely the answer but 2 things:
      1 – the street over there is higher than my yard so it’s going to take some time for even sizable shurubs/trees to grow large enough for screening
      2 – since the creek water is now running through my basement, there’s still a possibility that the big machines will be back and will run over anything we plant.

  2. I don’t mean to cause you undue distress by asking this, but… why are there trees planted in the creek bed? I live on a wooded ravine lot so I am familiar with creeks, but we plant bushes and trees along the edges of the ravine. To my midwest way of thinking, this makes sense. In the creek bed, not so much.

    1. It’s unfathomable, isn’t it? Like everything else about the revision of a little ravine that collected storm drain runoff, it is part of a mighty over- design. If the Delaware River ever changes course and runs past my backyard, the creek is ready for it.

  3. Sue them back to the dark ages for ruining you back yard, your basement and your life. This is just not right.

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