Palate Freshener

I have nothing to say because I am very busy slash exhausted but I wanted to replace the saga of my toilet paper issues as the most recent post.

News bulletin: the grody old memory foam slippers that I love so much because they cushion the pounding my knees take on these concrete slab/ceramic tile floors have lost their grooves and ridges on the soles so now when I try to get up out of a chair they slide on the smooth floor and make it much harder to gain upright balance.

That was a 64 word sentence. Did it make you forget about toilet paper issues? No? Then how about an image of a satanic canine and the aforementioned slippers themselves:

I took this picture while I was trying to decide if it was worth it to get up off of the sofa or not. From now on all pics are going to be posted unedited because Apple wants me to buy more icloud storage and I’m not going to so they are making it hard to save photo edits.

Old and grody yes- some might even say shangad  – but these are good for dragging around on the sandy patio pavers in the morning while I examine each leaf of my potted plants or for taking the garbage cans up and down the driveway.

Forget yet? No? Well then in other old news, this is what the new guest room looks like nowadays:

We stripped the bedding to get ready to change the temporary plywood bed platform to the permanent metal one, so that was the signal to start cramming unwanted items from other places into here. Lucky for us there are enough rooms in this house that we can sit and look at a different messy vista very day of the week.


Not only did I not finish what I started to do in there, but now we’ve begun turning the bedroom next door to be a small den, suitable for TV viewing and doing needlepoint. Step one – move stuff out so you have room enough to maneuver in a 10′ x 12′ room that still has a book case and a vintage typewriter table in the middle of it. So now the new guest room is a mess (again) and the former baby room is a mess (still).

Please come back tomorrow for an exciting recitation of how many decorative fan pulls I studied before I settled on this one to coordinate with the beachy colors I’m going to use in this room.  I’m thinking of titling that entry as Going Coastal: Stand Back 200 Feet.

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