UPDATE on Major Toilet Paper Issue

I never thought of Amazon as a resource for toilet paper but thanks to reader comments on yesterday’s post, I went right over to investigate. At the bottom of the list of available brands for sale was a Consumer Reports-style article that tested various types of papers and gave the results and ratings when the study was done.


REMNANTS! That’s what those things are called – not BALLED UP SHREDDED WET OLD TOILET PAPER. “Lint” is a bit of an understatement when it comes to what was happening in my house, but “remnants” describes it perfectly. We have a REMNANT problem. If this issue was wide-spread enough to be considered an evaluation point in this comparison study, then it is apparent that it’s not just me. America has been dealing with an unspoken REMNANT problem.

I am relieved that this situation is not of my making and yet mournful that modern life is filled with unexpected difficulties that lie in  wait during the most mundane activities of daily living.

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