Angels and Devils

Okay – here’s my idea: I’m going to have an open house/buffet party but with a theme: all of the food will be either something Angel or something Devil.

What a great idea, Suzette! Too bad you can only think of Angel/Devil’s Food cake and Angels/Devils On Horseback.

de What other foods are named Angles or Devils? If I can’t come up with anything else, it’s going to be a pretty short party. And frankly, I’m only interested in the idea of walking around with a doily-covered tray and stopping in front of people to inquire Devil On Horseback?  I can’t really announce that I’m going to have a Devil party – I fear that would be misunderstood even in NJ let alone here in Florida where people talk about Jesus non-ironically – so I’m using the Angel foods to soften the first impression.

I guess I could have a Pu Pu Party and replicate that delightful Chinese restaurant appetizer – I haven’t seen that around here yet. In fact, I can barely find Chinese food. Thai yes, Sushi yes, but not much actual Chinese. What was on a Pu Pu Platter anyway? Spare ribs, little egg rolls, maybe some Crab Rangoon? Maybe I can just cobble together things that I like – chicken wings, pizza rolls and so on.

Okay, this is going off the rails. Let’s get back to Angels and Devlis. I suppose I could bolster up the offerings by allowing this with “cloud” in the name or anything diablo-style. Really, aside from the party name and the Angels on Horseback, I’m at a loss.

Please help! Are there any shrimp things named Angel or Devil?


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6 thoughts on “Angels and Devils”

  1. Deviled crab, in which the deviled crab mixture is poured back into crab shells or ramekins and broiled or whatever. The old Joy of Cooking has a recipe. Could you somehow substitute shrimp in the recipe?

  2. All that I can think of is angel hair pasta. Not sure how you’d work that into a casual buffet. OH! Have it by the pool and call it a ‘waterside luncheon with riparian entertainments’. Of course, Norwegian prawns would be mandatory…. 😉

  3. Excellent idea from pamibe! Angel hair pasta in a butter, garlic and fresh parsley sauce, served in a martini glass with a melon-scoop of deviled crab on top.

    One for the “angel” side: divinity.

  4. This is a bit off the wall (but I’ve been on cold meds for a week) – use the Angel/Devil theme as an overlay for sweet/savory items and segregate them with white/black serving dishes? Maybe devilishly hot items on a red tray with red or black plastic hors d’oeuvres pitchforks?

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