This Activity Is Supposed To Calm Me Down

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to instead of blogging, here it is:


I’m having quite a terrible time coming up with a crisp iteration of my initials to work into my needlepoint pieces. Which I forgot to do on the first two things I made. Anyway, paper and pencil didn’t help me and this image and shape insertion on a PowerPoint slide isn’t much better. I was going for something tall, thin and severe but that R is tripping me up.

This isn’t my biggest problem but it is the one I prefer to spend my time on. Also, those rose bushes aren’t going to prune themselves.

UPDATE: I spent an hour practicing stitching this onto a canvas scrap until I got it right, then another two hours modifying it. This is the least objectionable configuration also I’m tired of ripping it out and starting over.

I’m letting this alone for now but I am considering taking on a professional needlepointing name with more cooperative initials. Something like Ima Freak or Etta Tater.


3 thoughts on “This Activity Is Supposed To Calm Me Down”

  1. One Mothers Day, we kids got my mom a pet bunny from the neighborhood pet store! Then we “found” another one to be a companion (oops… opposite sex). Once allowed to hop inside, on the carpet, the placement and color of the initials reminds me of why they weren’t allowed in the house again…

    1. I was watching a “Treasures of New York” episode about the American Museum of Natural History and I stitched this part while a segment focused on refurbishing the dioramas. They showed at great length how they manufactured fake animal poop and carefully placed it in just the right location and configuration. This can’t be a coincidence.

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