In Which I Am An Internet World Economy Expert

Based on my monitoring of a French tapestry kit I’m planning on buying, the dollar is weakening against the franc. The franc, for Dieu’s sake. When i first saw this kit it was $87.50 but because I am a wise consumer *cough cough * I resolved to wait until the price was 85.00 or less. But the exchange rate is not going in my favor and the price is now up to 90.05. I suspect the same thing would be happening if I sunk my discretionary funds into the stock market. I read this as the universe telling me to maintain my grasshopper lifestyle and forget about converting to anthood at this late date.

In other news, I can’t believe I survived flying though lightning last night to get back home from a week in Nashville. The plane between Newark and Nashville is always one of those regional Embraer jets. On the one hand, its more like sitting inside of a drain pipe than a plane. But on the other, the smallness/lightness of the craft means that there’s more wobbling which can be disconcerting. This trip, I imagined I was snowboarding and the swaying sensation became very pleasant. Except for the lightning part. (note to self: you’ve been flying too much lately)

Yesterday it was humid as heck in Nashville, Denver got more snow and NJ was cool and damp. DEAR SPRINGTIME, MISS YOU SO MUCH! HURRY BACK.

Also, I had to created a simple screen saver that says EVERYTHING IS AWESOME and I play the hour long version of that YouTube song to pep myself up for whatever the day holds for me so that I remember to avoid succumbing to a constant state of kvetching. This post doesn’t sound like a kvetch, does it?


*Sometimes I switch it up with My Perogative but that does not set me up in the proper mindset..




4 thoughts on “In Which I Am An Internet World Economy Expert”

  1. It’s not the Franc so much as the Euro, and with this rise after President Speechy McSpeechface showed his arse to the Brits against Brexit, I wonder what the Euro will do after the referendum June 23. Buy it could pay to wait as markets price their expectations into it.

  2. I have my eye on a medieval Bayeaux tapestry type pillow at Etsy. You know the one. About the field. Being barren. It’s a tad kvetchy. Heh.

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