On Balance

I was gone for 6 days last week during which time my DVR dutifully recorded every episode of my all time favorite show, Judge Judy. I’m very sad to report that I am going to have to stop watching JJ until this current farce is over  – that show is loaded with ads for both Hillary! and Bernie. I must say there’s one where Hillary looks less bulky in trim black leather and Bernie doesn’t seem so hulking and bent as he does in still shots. Even so, these ads are loathsome reminders of the state of things and interrupt my peaceful escape from reality.

In other news, the chalk paint epidemic worsens. If we can’t unite around the concept of a presidential candidate that is not a criminal or dangerous dreamer, at least we can all agree that the unconscionable desecration of decent wood furniture must be stopped.

I might at some point in the future change my mind about this but right now I mourn the loss of decent plain china hutches.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to screw up vintage Thomasville accent chairs.

I weep.

On the plus side, I’m especially enjoying the lovely spring day here – more so in light of the 12″ of snow that fell on Denver right after I flew out. The power is back on now. (I suspect the basement carpenters.) And I got the best haircut of my life last week.

So on balance, happy to be back home.

postscript: I forgot to report that I tripped over the edge of the plastic mat underneath my desk chair and crashed down onto the corner of a lidless plastic storage bin that shattered on impact. Now I have 2 cuts on my face, a sore eye bone and a throbbing headache. Plus I got poked in the boob/pit. This episode throws off the balance and the kvetch side dominates.

postscript 2: BUT I won an  eBay auction for a delightful vintage Erhman needlepoint kit in an Ikat pattern. Thus balance is restored.

5 thoughts on “On Balance”

  1. Speaking of Hillary, my husband thinks the reason she always wears those bulky pantsuit jackets that are buttoned up to the neck is because she’s wearing a bullet proof vest underneath. I thought this was a brilliant observation. I also can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before.

  2. Ow! Falling is becoming the number one thing I fear. A friend of mine fell over a pile of boxes and nearly died when she was given a general anesthetic so they could fix her knee.
    I hope you have a quick recovery.

    I agree with your dismay over the ugly painting of beautiful wood. I blame Pinterest.

    1. Yep. We fell for the chalk paint craze and ruined a kitschy little side table when the veneer bubbled up all over from the moisture. That’s probably somewhere in some fine print disclosure on the paint, but do the posters on Pinterest not have any accountability for perpetuating stupidity?

  3. I once bought a round end table painted in the unforgettable shade of ‘avocado’. When we moved South all six kids called dibs on it..Since I couldn’t cut it in six even pieces, I kept it. So there.

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