A Leopard Who Doesn’t Change Her Spots

True story: One night I went to bed and I woke up the next morning completely obsessed with Spode Blue Room. And so at the first opportunity when someone asked me what I wanted for Xmas, I shot out a request for a Blue Italian 16 oz mug. Now I’m search for a butter pat or pin dish to use as a teabag holder.

Maybe I was too hasty with the Blue Italian request. In truth, I am both drawn to and repelled by the Indian Sporting Mugs. Look a these things:

Politically incorrect, are they not? And yet …

I never felt like I had a past life, but if I did have one I’d want it to be the British Raj. ( and of course I’d be a raj-er, not somebody getting raj-ed. The truth though is more likely closer to my own ancestry where the guy on the elephant here is a Cossack and I am the poor beast getting ripped limb from limb. Anyway, let’s have some tea!

Right – so about those butter pats. What a wacky company Spode is – it’s the very definition of the word “traditional” and yet it’s responsive to the events of modern times. Here are two little butter pats on eBay right now:

I’m all for royal baby memorabilia but that one on the right is killing me. “In Celebration of the Millennium 2000”

Although I’m really going for a Girl At Well vibe, I cannot get over that depiction of Vikings/Roman soldiers and Astronauts sandwiched between crude farming implements and the planet Saturn. Does the UK even have a space program? And I think that one in the back might be hommage to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Someone needs to explain this to me. In any event, I really think I need to park a wet Lipton in this!

3 thoughts on “A Leopard Who Doesn’t Change Her Spots”

  1. There must be something astronauts and have in common. Maybe they are all believed to be historical hoaxes by at least a few conspiracy theory tin foil hat wearers. That doesn’t explain the farm tools or Saturn.

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