The Elephant In The Room

I really hate it when people insist on telling a bored and uninterested audience about their dreams. Now I will tell you about my dream last night.

I dreamed that I had a cute little baby elephant as a pet.  I was walking past the doorway to the front hall and I saw the baby elephant standing in the corner peeing on the throw rug. I wasn’t mad at him – he was looking up at me with an expression that conveyed both embarrassment and cuteness at the same time. I know you couldn’t help it,little dude! –  This was my fault because I had neglected to let him out to do his business in the backyard.

And now I will do the other thing that I hate  about the dream-sharers: I will interpret this for you.

The elephant in my room right now are my unsubmitted business expenses. Since July. I KNOW that I should do them within 4 weeks  of each trip and I KNOW that the company is going to shut down my card (again). I know all that but this is how I am. And anyway, I don’t think they are really serious about cutting me off because they’ve been sending the same blah blah blah threat to do so for three months already and so far they haven’t cut me off.

But my conscience, as represented  by the baby elephant, tells me to get cracking on this.

Anyway this dream was no where near as good as the very erotic one I had years ago about the King Of Comedy era Jerry Lewis. Sometimes I still think about that.


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