Seasonal Woe


These are not my cookies. This is from a photoshoot for Good Housekeeping magazine. This image made me believe that I could produce something that looked just like this. We’ll see.

Just made my first batch of Xmas cookies for this year.

As you know, I can’t do anything right anymore.* Much to my dismay, this includes package wrapping and cookie baking. After last year’s disastrous cookie production, I came up with a process improvement plan for myself this year:

  1. Study each potential cookie recipe
  2. Study it some more
  3. Measure out all ingredients before trying to follow the instructions**
  4. Study the recipe before putting the ingredients together to avoid missteps or omissions.

I’ve made a list of the cookies I plan to make this year:

  • Spumoni Icebox Cookies
  • Date Pinwheels Hello Keith Hopkins
  • Chocolate Cracker Kisses
  • Russian Tea Cakes
  • Cut Out Cookies with candy eyeballs
  • Gingerbread Stars
  • Something green, .like a spritz Xmas tree. Not sure yet

And so, believing I had conquered my previous difficulties, I set out early this morning to make the previously untried Spumoni Icebox Cookies. the butter wouldn’t cream and the food coloring wouldn’t blend. So I don’t know. Pictures later.

*Mercifully, I have retained my Master Level Spray painting skills and my eye for color and design. This is going to come in handy when I move to my next house which will be under a palm tree in Florida. I’d better get there soon before even these skills start fading, too.

**This is new for me. I’ve always just chugged along measuring out as I came to each step. sometimes I would skip a step or misremember what got mixed with what else. So there was a certain level of fail pre-built into my former process.

Evening update: We are not unhappy! Even though the food coloring remains problematic in that it insists on swirling instead of blending and the fact that every single one of these is a different size, I am fairly may mighty satisfied with these. Could have been a lot worse.



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