Wintry Mix

Last night the DIL said to me that this is one more thing about NJ that is crap – “wintry mix” sounds like its going to be something good. When you first hear it, it’s like “Oh -something sweet and tasty?” but no -it’s crap. NJ better wise up – we keep telling her that it’s worth sticking it out through the non-SoCal-ish times but I’m afraid a few more hurricanes, floods, blizzards, droughts or heat waves might just prove us wrong.

Hey, did I read this right? Petula Clark is 80? If yes, then that means that she was 75ish in this video. I stopped saying that I hope I’m in as good a shape as [insert name here] because i’m already halfway to the glue factory. Whatever happened to that Riverdance guy?

I’m working from home today. Whenever I have a big WebEx day, I set up both my work laptop and my home PC s I can skim blogs and mail and still be able to know what we’re talking about if they call my name (although I am far less smooth about that than I used to be). Now I’ve added my iPhone so I can watch you tube videos at the same time.

just imagine an iPhone at the end of that white cord

Of course, if I signed into the WebEx on my iPhone, then I could turn around and wrap Christmas presents on the daybed while the phone was propped up on pillows. I am enjoying the hell out of this phone so far.

This was a very thrilling twitter interaction for me this week:

I don’t really like to drop names but I happen to be a pal of the Vlasic Stork.

Over and out.

10 thoughts on “Wintry Mix”

  1. Man…you get to join the crunch club?!? It’s always the cool kids!
    What if I only like dills? I guess I’m out in the cold.
    Like DiL. It seems Jersey hasn’t been quite up to it’s best behavior since their marriage. I can’t say I blame her for wanting to go to a warmer place. My old bones are not happy about another Wyoming winter.

  2. My mom said once that the Riverdance guy’s testicles must have fallen off by now, all that jiggling. This was a statement made out of the blue during dinner one night.

    1. That sounds exactly like something my grandmother would have said. She was a lady, dammit, but not above the occasional salty comment out of the blue. It always caused surprised gasping then falling down laughing.

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