Yesterday Was Liz Taylor Day I Guess

I had the good fortune to watch Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and the bad fortune to watch The Liz & Dick Story. ( Did anybody ever really call him Dick?)

L&D was a big bore and they got a lot of the fashion and accessories wrong. Her wedding hairdo for instance – I. Cannot. Even. I did see one thing that thrilled me to pieces – the tracheotomy scar. And yet they could not bother to cover up those freckles.

I saw the real Liz earlier in the day in Cat and waited for the moment when she would flash her remarkable vaccination scar. She did not disappoint.


Yesterday the DVR box went blooey and now only gives you part of the dialog. Sami’s taking it to trade in for a new one today but that means that I’ll lose whatever I had saved on this box. One thing I wanted to show you was a video of  Jack Nicholson’s compelling overnight DJ monologue that opens The King of Marvin Gardens. Now I can’t of course because of the missing words. But I did let the recording run a few minutes longer until I came to this: Ellen Burstyn welcoming Jack to the train station in Atlantic city.

The quality is too poor in this image captured from the tube but I would so love to make this part of my banner design. I think it suits me. 


10 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Liz Taylor Day I Guess

  1. L&D falls into the general category of “WTF were they thinking?” Other entries in the arena include the colorization of Casablanca and a sequel to Gone with the Wind.

    Didn’t these people ever heard of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

    It’s generally believed that WAoVF is a documentary of the Burton-Taylor marriage.

  2. Don’t despair, whatever happened to Liz and Dick will be rerun 5 or 6 times before it disappears. I have my DVR set for Monday 2:00 am.

    Liz was something else in her time. After trashing the Fisher/Reynolds marriage, she threw poor Eddie under a public bus for what seemed to be the love of her life. Liz and Richard were hot, really HOT, sex oozed in every photo, every video of the two. Then the divorce, then the re-marriage, the jewels, the fights, ah, it was so much fun to watch.
    A remarkable woman who went after what she wanted and sometimes paid a dear price for her desires. RIP, Elizabeth, the first real feminist in the US.

    • No, Katherine Hepburn was going her own selfish way when Liz was still a kid. ANd don’t forget Bette Davis who always got exactly what she wanted.

      • You’re right.
        Now that I watched most of this sad production, I have to agree that it really stinks. Bad acting, crummy dialogue and sappy decor.
        I hit
        *delete* at the half-way mark.

  3. Speaking of Ellen Burstyn, I re-watched Same Time Next Year the other night. I remembered the film fondly and was disappointed to now find that Alan Alda was a whiney, cowardly twit and Ellen Burstyn was a liberal ditz. My, how life experience changes us.

  4. Thank you for addressing this matter of national importance. I want to add my $0.02.
    I almost felt bad for Lyndsay, it’s like she was set up in this ridiculous situation for some nefarious reason. It sucked from go to woe, but I couldn’t turn it off. It was like watching a train crash. Then again, some things were laugh out loud funny: The way she read the line “Who’s counting!” in response to her multiple marriages. It had the look and feel of Jan Brady arguing with Marcia.

    I like this review:,0,3600969.story

  5. I saw the real real Liz once during her marriage to Senator Warner. They had a place in Georgetown on my shortcut through the back streets to my office. She was waddling out to the mail box in her schlumpy, wrinkly house coat. That black hair totally unkempt, but it was definately her. Just like any other middle aged Seneator’s wife who thought no one would see her.

  6. That is a very large vaccination scar. Liz was definitely a looker. Maybe not so much as the senator’s wife when she thought no one was looking.

  7. Liz was good at answering fan mail. I wrote to her way back when I was a teenager. Weeks later, I received an autographed photo of her from Puerto Vallarta. She signed it with a personal message to me and I know it was really signed by her because at the time there was an ad running in the movie magazines which contained her signature and it was nearly identical. She was a CLASS ACT.

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