For Pickle Lovers In General and The Cocktail Crowd In Specific

Not only do I not participate at Facebook, I avoid even going there unless there’s some life altering reason to do so. Today, such an occasion presented itself: I found out that the Vlasic Stork has a Facebook page.

And it’s funny. It’s kind of an on-line support group for people who like to drink pickle juice. I admit that there have been times that once the pickles were gone, I’ve re-used the juice by sticking  suitable vegetables [carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, peppers] into the jar. I’m not that much into outright drinking pickle juice, this is an idea I can get behind:

List of possible applications:

  • Bloody Marys
  • Dirty Martinis
  • Tomatotinis
  • Tumbler Full of Gin On The Pickle Rocks

I’m tagging this in 101 Views of My Deck because as soon s it gets warm again – only 5 short months away – I’m going to be out there with the pickle juice ice cubes.

UPDATE: Pickle Cocktails. Thank you, Shecky.

6 thoughts on “For Pickle Lovers In General and The Cocktail Crowd In Specific”

  1. Does pickle juice even freeze? I like the idea though. I drink pickle juice because it helps with jumpy leg. If I can’t sleep because my leg is jumping I get up and eat a dill pickle. It always works.

    1. I always thought that was urban legand/old wive’s tales. Is it the vinegar, the vinegar and the salt or the vinegar, the salt and the spices? I’ll try the pickle thing to see if it helps me, too.

      1. BYU did a study with their athletes a few years back and that’s why I started doing it. I’m not sure what the effective mechanism is. Probably the placebo effect, but it works for me.

    2. Pickle juice will freeze. It contains no alcohol. That is applied externally after the freezing process has been completed.

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