17 thoughts on “Some Velvet Morning”

  1. And I thought for years she was saying “Pedro is my name.” Not that I gave it very much thought. Real heavy handed 60’s stuff. What a bunch of pretentious bunk. It makes me cringe to see it now just like it did then. I never did buy into that “Oh, mysterious me!” crap.

    1. Sheri~ Are you still blogging? I got locked out ages ago when you were locking people out across the board. But I totally miss your amazing wit and cutting humour. If you are still blogging, pleasssse let me back in. I’m sure Suzette will vouch for me…right?

  2. Also, wigs are funny. If I’m not wearing a hat (which I usually do), I need to wear a wig, do to extreme hair loss. But yet, I still secretly make fun of people who wear wigs. It’s probably a form of denial on my part, but it does seem there are an awful lot of bad/obvious wigs out there.

  3. Google Reader’s recent changes have coughed up an entertaining glitch. All posted videos are the same. You have to click on the link and go to the site to see what the real video is. In this case your post came up with the embedded video of John an Yoko’s Bed-In for Peace.

  4. This song is a favorite of Art Bell (who does that late night UFO radio show — he’s retired now, but will substitute occasionally, and play this song for a bumper). I imagine Lee Hazelwood is a serial killer who is telling his tied-up next victim about his motivation, and Nancy the the ghost of his girlfriend/first victim. It’s just got a weird, gothic, creepy vibe.

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