Occupier’s Lament

There’s are rapings in the park,
Zuccotti’s broken out in lice.
There’s no recharge for my iPhone.
Might run out of jasmine rice.
Gotta sleep next to a bum.
Bloomberg’s sitting on his thumb.
President 44, where are you?

5 thoughts on “Occupier’s Lament”

  1. In the natural progression of such things, the next part will be law suits. Somebody will sue the city, county, local burrough, the people that live in the neighborhood, food manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, political orginizations and even the stars they so adore, because somebody didn’t do everything that’s possible to prevent the break, sprain, rape, murder, disease, parasite, unsafe living conditions, bad roads, poor light conditions, dangerous walking surface, choking hazard, hot surface, skin irritation, dangerous noise level or stress which eventually led to depression and a suicide attempt.

  2. But, on the bright side, in 30 years there will be nostalgic documentaries on TV (or whatever TV becomes) and it will be the “Autumn of Love.” People will claim to have been there who didn’t get within 500 miles, and all the former hippie/drippy/drop outs will be living in comfortable condo’s and massaging their retirement plans.

    Or, conversely, the country’s then grown children will be hunting the remaining attendees down to hang them for destroying the economy and leaving them with nothing but disease, filth and a burning desire to be free. Those with parents who were occupiers will shift their eyes and shuffle their feet and deny their parents were part of it.

    Wow, that came out of me? I must really be on one today. Check pulse.

  3. As a current occupier of a desk chair, I would like to announce that i bathe every day, wear deodorant, have all my current innoculations, have not even sneezed in anyone’s direction and have supported myself for, um, many years as a pencil pusher, then a calculator puncher, then a computer tapper. I’m a 15%er! (senior citizen)
    I’d love to march anywhere, but arthur-itis, you know, keeps me from doing so.
    However, if anyone would like to donate to my current, um, occupation of a desk chair, please send cash. Thank you.

  4. I posted your wonderful ditty on FB and all the comments were about the original song and series. I guess that means no one gives a flying *#%& about those people.

    Note to self: if I wish to impress someone with my opinion, do NOT wear face paint and Halloween costume while opining.

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