Buy 12, Get 40% Off

My foray into the wilds Jackson NJ to find the Corningware Outlet Store so I could buy a reasonably priced oval casserole dish was most successful. While I was there, I was on a mission from a  friend to reconnoiter square white dinnerware. I found plenty, including this fascinating thing:

corelle square frost
the pattern is called “Frost”

This picture does not show the beauty of the semi-matte pearlized tree silhouette of the patterns so I tired to google something up for a better view and found that the internet does not have a single thing about this particular pattern. If I knew that before I went there, I would have taken more and better photos.

The pattern was very subtle and could only be seen from certain angles. The base was the typical shiny white Corelle finish but the tree was a pearl finish in a slightly different shade of white. Although I wouldn’t call the design “raised”, you could feel a textural difference. The bowls and cups had part of the design on the inside and part on the outside.

The design on the above photo might look a little like sea coral but there were trunks as well as branches. I darkened this photo and added another shot so you could see it better.

corelle square frost trees

It is not a winter pattern or holiday pattern – I’d call it more of a nature study or stylized representation. Really very lovely. No boxed sets were available – it was al open stock. Considering that the official Corelle sites don’t have any trace of these, I’m thinking they might have been some failed regional or seasonal experiment and now they are being dumped into the Outlets to get rid of them instead of adding them to the standing product lists.

I’m posting this here as a public service for other dinnerware fanatics, outlet shoppers and Corelle fans so at least there will be internet record somewhere for these dishes.

5 thoughts on “Buy 12, Get 40% Off”

  1. I was at a Corelle outlet last weekend and didn’t see hide nor hair of this. Bummer. Maybe we aren’t cool enough here in Wisconsin to be allowed this pattern. I’d have bought some bowls for myself if there had been any here.

  2. qestout – There are TWO outlets. One at the Johnson Creek Mall (which is about an hour West of Milwaukee and one at the Pleasant Prarie Mall (which is near Kenosha so even further North for you). We shopped at Pleasant Prarie so I can’t say if the Johnson Creek Mall had this lovely pattern or not.

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