Fascinating Update

… to the behind the scenes goings on in the very detailed scrutiny of Suzette’s life events.

My daughter, obviously a reader (fan?) of my blog although she would never admit it, emailed me this photo on Saturday with the subject line: “From a pocket in the gray purse”

unnamed (7)
The gray purse was mine until she admired it then I emptied it out and gave it to her.

I’m glad to see this mini Safari firmly in possession of my family but his does not in any way temper my ill-will towards the TSA because there was also a mini in the hand-tooled leather cosmetic case that they stole.

Also, the kitchen light stopped working today and when Sami went to take a look at it, a big load of water dumped out onto his head. He’s down there mopping up right now.

UPDATE: Just heard a crash.

UPDATE UPDATE:  The crash was the long fluorescent light cover getting knocked off the counter and onto the floor and it was the most minor thing associated with this incident. At first we thought the water was coming from vigorous water splashing from the bathtub or maybe it was a worn out wax ring around the toilet, but it was not so simple as that.

Turns out the snow is still thick on the roof, but the sun was melting it against the roof underneath the snow layer. And then the water would drip down refreeze thus blocking the gutter. And then the combination of the continued melting of the ice and the  blocked egress from the frozen gutter meant the water had to find somewhere to go so it went into my house and then down and then it turned right so that it came out of the ceiling  where the fixture  wiring was going up.

Did you get that? The funny thing is it didn’t come out under the roof or the attic or the second floor but found a way to go through the first floor ceiling.

So, there we have it.



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