15 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Blog Post”

  1. I’m never writing another word until I absorb all your wisdom. It’s a good thing I’m all squishy like a sponge.

  2. Indeed I should note the irony here. I was finishing my first cup of Kopi Luwak shade-grown, fair-traded, passed through the colon of an Asian Palm Civet coffee (@ $160.00 per pound and worth it) while gazing across my lawn to the sun-splashed playground across the way when I came across this.

  3. Yipe, it doesn’t appear? Here is some blog for you:


    I don’t nearly blog with the nuanced sophistication of your posted example by the nuanced and sophisticated blogger. Just wanted to warn you. But you may freely fisk me. Just wear gloves.

    Instant blogroll addition – Suzette

    1. Oh my dear sarcastic Jewel, I KNOW! She comes right out and tells you what she’s doing and still, you are so deeply offended that she gets you to smile despite your superior brain. Quel coquin!

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