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Frankly, I’m a little disenchanted with my Kindle. Here’s what’s wrong:

  • Not all books that I am interested in are available in Kindle format
  • Kindle prices are way, way more than used books on
I’ve been waiting and waiting for Budd Schulberg’s Prince of Hollywood and The Disenchanted to show up on Kindle and I just couldn’t stand it anymore so I ordered $1.00 hardcovers from There are small shipping fees – usually between $2 and $3 – but that is still way less than a Kindle version, if you can even find one.

Here’s what I’ve read lately, inspired by my TV watching:

What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love by Carole Radziwill

I admit that the limited reasons that anyone would ever seek out this book are these:

  • watcher of Real Housewives of New York
  • obsessive fan of JFK Jr
  • someone searching for insight into what it was like to work for Diane Sawyer
Now Number One – Andy Cohen has ruined Bravo-TV. Ruined it. It took me this long to pin down the reason. Little by little Bravo has turned into the all-gay network. That’s not the problem. The problem is that the shows are written to be what gay guys think women are like. So the bitchiness, the gossiping, the pregnant-in-high-heels are someone else’s version of what the women are doing and saying. I don’t mean the script, I mean the scenarios and the concepts. I may not be explaining this very well. The exceptions seems to the RHONJ and Kim with the wig who know how to make real drama whether they are on TV or not.
On to the book. I fall under that first bulleted category. I thought maybe RHONY might be more interesting with new cast members, one of whom is Carole. Through her job at ABC news, she met Anthony Radziwill, son of Jackie O’s sister Lee. More importantly for Bravo-TV purposes, he was  the son of Prince Stanislaw Radziwill  making him a prince and Carole a princess when they married.
The show: You never saw a princess with teeth like these. She’s got giant Chicklet-capped uppers that bite over some ragged, tilted-in Freddie Mercury lowers. She’s not attractive but she’s slim and has excellent taste in clothing. She’s also a left-leaning ass who is shown exalting over being finally free to sign a petition at Occupy Wall Street now that she’s no longer a news person. Also throws in gratuitous cracks about Republicans for no reason.
The book: To her credit, CR keeps the focus on herself and how she handles the loss of people she loves, rarely drops the famous mother-in-law’s name and makes only the scantest reference to her at all, did not try to make this into a book about the Kennedys.
The downside of the book is that is really a padded magazine article. The first half is her childhood and let me tell you, not a princess is to be found in her family of origin. In fact, they are kind of hillbillies who hide criminal relatives when the cops come around, grow MJ to supplement the family income and pretty much come to no good end. Interesting and just what I was hoping for – insight into the person that she is.
The second half of the book is her inner monolouge during her husband’s illness and death from cancer. She peppers this part with references to JFK Jr only as he interacts with her husband, but makes many references to her friendship with Carolyn Bessette which all sound false.
I’m glad I read it but I can’t recommend it. [FYI – Kindle edition $11.99. I got a hard copy for a buck from Abe. This is what I mean.]
I DVR The Late Late Show so that I can watch at my leisure. I like it because the guests come on and there’s a real conversation where you learn something about them. It’s not just pitching their latest movie or DVD. I also like the theme song, the dancing horse costume and the opening line of every monologue: “Its a great day for America.”
CF talks a lot on TLLS about his genuine love of America, calls it the greatest country in the world and seems quite sincere about it. So I bought the book (for a dollar) to see what’s what.
Plot summary: Letdown!
#1 – It’s obviously a memoir that was started and then a final thin chapter about citizenship grudgingly tacked on. Some references peppered throughout about wanting to get to America or knew he was destined for America but nothing developed or deeper than a simple sentence here and there.
#2 He starts the book by remembering his hosting of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner shortly after he was naturalized. The most words here are dedicated to an unflattering description of  Laura Bush’s underpants. Other remarks in the remaining pages are anti-Bush and pro-Obama. The book was written in 2009 when Cheney was still a bogeyman so there’s lots of shots at him, too.He does make a non-partisan case for separation of church and state based on coming out on the short end of teenage brawling with Catholics when he lived in Scotland.
I’m sorry I read this. I liked CF and  my challenge is going to be to keep on liking him for the sake of my entertainment now that I know he’s just another Hollywood crowd-following left leaner.


7 thoughts on “TV Books

  1. The WORST (and typical liberal BS) thing Carole has said (which made me dislike her) was when she was on a date with the Turkish fashion designer, and was saying how being open minded was one of the biggest traits she looked for in a person, then in the next sentence she is ready to bolt when she thinks he may be a Republican…HYPOCTRITE!!!

  2. I have a television. I have Roku. I watch Pandora. The plot is thin, but the soundtrack is really great. If I fall asleep to the Pandora channel, I haven’t really missed anything. Kinda like watching Bravo, but about 100% less ghey.

      • My pleasure. I read your site a lot just don’t comment much. I do enjoy your type of humor. We use to live in central Jersey, now we retired early and moved up to the summer house in the Poconos in Dingmans Ferry. Anyway if there is something to buy online it will usually have a coupon to take advantage of, just google the product and add coupon to the search and 9 out of 10 times you can get a coupon code.

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