The Softer Side of Suzette

Introduction: let me just say that close-up high definition photography is shit for the birds. All of this stuff looked much better in person.

Did you know that your Suzette has another side to her that is rarely displayed on this blog? Yes.

She is not just a bitter clinging fashion analyst filled with snark. No.

She is a soft-hearted mushy romantic.I know! Who would have guessed?

Last weekend was a mad social whirl that started with the arrival of the happy couple from California. Too bad a wicked snow/ice/slush fall held up their arrival and made for some excitement when Ted and Amber yanked their baggage from the small prop plane that was their last flight leg and drove 150 miles  through the the snow/ice/slush to their final destination.

The reason they came was because Ted was asked to be godfather to the twins. (We are going to need a diagram for this. See below.*) but you know what they say – “never let a good celebration opportunity go to waste” – and since this was the first time we saw them since the engagement, what else could we do but bake a cake and put a Cinderella slipper on top of it?

all the pictures were taken with the shoe facing the bride-to-be

Coupla things. (1.) No one got a really good shot of the shoe, but here it is:it’s a Disney Cinderella Slipper Ring Holder made by Lenox.** Interesting fact about Suzette: Suzette is a devoted fan of cake toppers. And not just official cake toppers either – I believe that anything that is meaningful and stable can be plunked down on top of a cake.** (2.) In my own defense, that cake was made in NJ and transported to PA. I jammed the shoe heel a little too far into the cake.  😦  Also, it wasn’t crooked so much as laden with cream cheese icing that swelled and bulged at various points. But! the cake had a surprise inside:

Damn that close-up photography. You really couldn't see the join line in person.

Note the time stamp. It really was 1:00 am when we finished up the northeastern PA style pizza and got around to the cake. I bought a Wilton Heart Tasty-Fill Cake Pan and didn’t have time to make a test cake because of my business travel this month, so we were all surprised when we cut into it. Note to interested cake bakers out there:  If we did have time to practice, we would have used a lighter hand to saw the cake slice instead of bearing down on it and then the pink filling wouldn’t have been befouled by red cake crumbs, but all in all it didn’t turn out to be too much of a mess.

This celebration happened at Tina’s home and for those of you who don’t know her, she is the absolute ruler of table decoration.

The party broke up late for the oldsters and even later for the youngsters – too bad the next morning came around early where we all vied for bathroom time and headed out to the baptism.  I don’t have any pictures of my own because my camera moved to Philadelphia and it never even comes back to visit so I have to wait until Tina gets done editing hers, but here is something lovely – a whiskery godfather and one of the boys.

What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? You don't even call me Godfather.


*Ok, here we go:

There are also assorted husbands and one fiancee in the mix here but they are not represented on this chart.

** By God, as long as there is still a Lenox, I am going to buy Lenox.

*** At the moment, I’m using my coast-to-coast telepathic powers to influence Amber, who is leaning towards love birds on top of the wedding cake, to consider  a footed milk glass candy dish to hold the birds, sort of like a beautiful glassy nest or bird bath. You must admit that it takes a certain type of genius to come up with that, and it is exactly the type of genius I am. So far, no vibrations are coming back to me about this from California.

19 thoughts on “The Softer Side of Suzette”

  1. Hail Suzette,
    Full of pink,
    The Lenox is with thee.
    Blessed are thee among bloggers,
    And blessed are fruit of your womb,
    Ted and Noralynn.
    Holy cripes,
    Pray for our cake-toppers
    Now and at the hour of our happiness.

  2. I think that the milk glass footed compote/birdbath is a wonderful idea! Fenton made several in that shape, as did less famous manufacturers.

    This could start a revival of milk glass, which has been underappriacated for many years.

    Thanks also for the chart so I could figure out who was involved in this baptism!

  3. I love it. I wish I had ideas like this, but sadly I can only admire them in others. I hope your brainwaves work and Amber realizes what a terrific idea you have for a cake topper!

  4. i have service for 8 in those french glasses all in red in the basement that keeps on bringing forth vintage magic!
    milk glass invluded! westmoreland w/ pink roses!
    ah.. i wish a party planner…all the fun & getting paid to spend others monies!
    i am off to find feathers!

  5. Excellent idea for a cake topper! And the cake you made looks totally delish.

    I hate high def pix of things I make… or of me… they never look like they did/do in person.

      1. Fowl? Oof… that one hurts…

        Puns are supposedly the lowest form of humor, but they never stop being funny to me… Obviously, I lack sophistication….

  6. Suzette…blessings to you, the engaged couple, and the little ones just Baptized.

    The heart in the middle of the cake…awesome; and the love birds in the milkglass birdbath…lovely. I can say this as a kindred spirit (whose son in law played minor league baseball so I ‘plopped’ a Home Plate underneath the cupcake tower at their wedding (with the top layer being baked, by me, using gluten free mix baked in a Pampered Chef mixing bowl that has sloped sides so I could decorate it into the shape/colors of his baseball team CAP!!!)…like I said…kindred spirts.

    Best wishes for your/their ‘Big Day!!!’

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