Consumerist Report


shake shake shake


Look how well my kitchen stool as end table is working out.

There are very few Stangl patterns done in green but I manged to work one into my green room. Someday I’ll take a picture of it on the day light. Until then, you have to be content with murk and shadow. This piece is a double ashtray that I use to hold my cocktail and the gear it takes to make it. You are correct if you remembered that this is not the only ashtray in the room. In fact, my living area has more ashtrays in it now than when I was smoking.

But the photo is really an ode to the cheap insulated cocktail shaker that I got from Pier One. What an invention! The shaker is called a mini but the glass I use is a 4 oz vintage sherbet glass, so I really get two drinks out of it. How did I ever live without this thing? The plastic insulation around it make sit possible to hang on and shake the daylights out of the gin without getting frostbite. One drawback, though – you have got to keep an eye on it. The pressure created inside from all that shaking blows the top of the shaker off. Sometimes I’m sitting peaceably enjoying the first pour and wham! the metal top shoots off. It’s sort of entertaining but it freaks the dog out.


shut the door have a seat


Hey, look – here’s a photo taken in daylight. So you can see that the room is not all pea soup green. It’s just mostly pea soup green. I took this one because I wanted to show someone the fabulous $20 floor lamp I got from the greatest junk shop going – Christmas Tree Shops. This thing is flawless and casts the perfect light for sitting in that comfortable chair and persuing catalogs so I can buy more stuff.

3 thoughts on “Consumerist Report”

  1. I have always liked the eclectic(sp) look in someone’s home. It’s so much more interesting than a cookie-cutter showroom decor.
    Being a nosey MOL(motus style) whatever did you do with the replaced furniture and stuff?

  2. I love the idea of the top blowing off periodically. It makes a nice counterpoint to a relaxing moment. Just enough suspense to keep you guessing.

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